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The following is a list of articles that provide useful information about caring for wooden furniture or using wood around your home.
How to Care for Your Furnishings By Dale Dorman, MS Extension Housing & Environment Specialist, Department of Housing and Consumer Economics.
Caring For Fine Furniture Helpful hints for routine maintenance as well as fixing common minor damage using household supplies.
Care & Feeding of a Cutting Board Tells you how to keep your cutting boards in tip-top shape.
Primed For Summer Tips on successfully painting exterior woodwork and furniture.
Removing Watermarks How to remove those pesky water rings from fine furniture without damaging the finish.

Mountain Man Wannabe

An eclectic collection of short pieces inspired by the adventures of this middle-aged city couple as we move to the mountains to pursue our dream of building custom furniture.

   The Fat Lady Sings  

Woodworker Showcase

Presented here are a series of articles we’ve found that tell the stories of woodworkers who have done something extraordinary with their talents.  More will be added as they are located.  If you have done something that belongs here, or know someone who has, please drop us an e-mail.

one of David<br /><br /> Nelson's jukeboxes David Nelson has been a teacher, a home remodeler, and an auto mechanic, now he puts all those skills together as a custom furniture maker who specializes in making high end jukeboxes and wooden refrigerators (ice boxes).  Talk about taking the art of box-making to a new level!

Gayle Boddy's aircraft projectGayle Boddy is a retired engineer who likes to keep busy, likes to build useful things, and likes a challenge.  I’d say building your own full size aircraft out of wood, qualifies as a challenge!  Especially when you’re doing it in a garage workshop with the average weekend warrior’s set of tools.

Driftwood sculptureHeather Jansch Is an artist living and working in the beautiful Westcountry of England who builds beautifully detailed life size sculptures of horses from driftwood she has collected from the local seas shores. Not only is she creating wonderful art, but she’s doing it by recycling natures left-overs.

Al Hudson is an incredible woodworker and an even more incredible person.  Mr. Hudson lives in Knoxville, TN where he builds some of the most beautiful pieces of period furniture that you will see anywhere. Mr. Hudson is 87 years young and has been building furniture for 73 years! He gives a great perspective on the craft and what it takes to continually “push the envelope” and grow your skill level.

SplinterBuilding The Splinter Joe Harmon (and friends) of Durham, North Carolina is building a 240 MPH super car almost entirely out of wood.

Funny CarSanta’s Helper is the story of a woodworker who helps a mother make her youngest son’s Christmas wish of being a Funny Car driver come true by building him a Power Wheels® powered John Force funny car – out of wood.

Livio De Marchi Recently, an attentive WOOD Online forum user shared some images with them that were simply unbelievable.  To view some top-notch large-scale woodworking scroll down the page to “The large works.” There you’ll find links to the images of the magnificent work from Venetian artist/woodworker Livio De Marchi