Going Pro Introduction

All of the professional woodworkers I know started out as hobbyists. We dabbled with bird houses as kids, graduated to small furniture or larger yard art as we grew, and eventually accumulated a workshop full of tools. Some I know got into woodworking more because they were fascinated by the tools, but most found they had a passion for changing raw lumber into beautiful pieces of woodwork.

My forte in woodwork has been furniture, I can turn bowls or build a deck if need be, but most of my time is spent crafting furniture. Therefore, my slant on things in this series of articles will be toward furniture making because that is the vein in which I think. I do not mean to insinuate that this branch of the tree is any more noble or needed than wood carving, wood turning or carving statuary out of logs with chain saws if that’s where your passion lies. It’s all good stuff, but I must speak from my own experience.

If your circumstances are drastically different from ours, some of our advice and opinions may not apply to you and your situation, use your own judgment.

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Wood News has been removing the links to resources and additional information as they publish the articles, so I’ll list them here for you.

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http://www.workbenchdesign.net is a good source for designs and accessories.


Resource links for the Finding (wholesale) Suppliers chapter:

Sanding Supplies:

Brushes and Finishing cloth/rags


    • Cost Plus Distributing

Dust Masks

    • Cost Plus Distributing
    • Tack Cloths
    • Cost Plus distributing

Fillers and Touch-up

Glues & Adhesives

Woodscrews & nails