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General Interest Articles offer advice and entertainment for those who enjoy working with wood or owning things made of wood.

Daily Shop Notes This blog is dedicated to allowing you to peek into the workshop and follow along as we build our projects.  Don’t forget your safety glasses!

Shop Project Articles Have you ever wanted to peek into a furniture shop and see how they build the beautiful theings they make?  We invite you to do that here.

Woodworker Showcase Presented here are a series of articles we’ve found that tell the stories of woodworkers who have done something extraordinary with their talents.

Mountain Man Wannabe An eclectic collection of short pieces about the adventures of a middle-aged city couple who move to the mountains to pursue their dream of building custom furniture.

Helpful Explanations

RSS Information What is RSS?  What can it do for you, and how do you use it?  These questions are answered here.
Plans Directory A listing of the plans manufacturers that we have found.
Woods We Use Information about the domestic woods we use in our furniture.
Stain Chart Stain charts from the manufacturers we use most.
Finishes We Use Information about the finishes we like to use.
Hardware Choices Pictures and explanation of the knobs and pulls used in furniture.
Glossary of terms This is not (yet) an exhaustive list of every possible woodworking term, just those used on this web site.
Domestic Lumber Information Here you will find all kinds of great information about a wide variety of domestic woods and the trees that produce them.
Exotic Lumber Information This site offers detailed information and photos of exotic lumber species.
Sheet Goods Information Wood Magazine explains the differences between and uses for manufactured sheet goods.

Resource Listings

Catalogs of woodworking supplies Looking for some woodworking supply?  Here is a listing of web sites that carry all manner of goodies for woodworkers.
Hardwood Lumber Suppliers This page lists the hardwood suppliers that we have found.
Furniture Parts This is a list of people who make and/or sell component parts for furniture.
Tool Manufacturers A listing of the companies that make your favorite tools.
Conservation Organizations A few organizations that focus on conservation and ecology.
Woodworking Magazines Want to subscribe to woodworking magazines?  These are some of our favorites, most also offer on-line resources for free.
Woodworking Television shows Not a long list, but these are the television shows about an for woodworkers that we know of.
Assorted Informational Sites A list of miscellaneous web sites that offer information or resources of interest to woodworkers.

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