Champagne Flute – Oak Stem

glassware, wood, flute, champagneMost wooden stemmed glassware you see will have been made with a stem piece jointed to a disk for a base.  With time and washing, the joint between base and stem loosens and it will start to wobble.  Our wood stemmed glassware is made from one large block of wood with the stem and base all one piece — they will never loosen, never wobble.

The crystal flute is seated in the ferrule of the oak stem with Epoxy ™ to be sure it will always hold and to keep water from seeping in.   

If you’re looking for a special gift for a couple about to be married, this makes a great glass for use in the ceremony, then becomes a special memento of their great day.

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2 comments on “Champagne Flute – Oak Stem

  1. Debbie Harrison on said:

    I would like to order two of the oak stemmed wine glasses but I am experiencing difficulties with websight.

    • The problem will be that we don’t have 2 of those. We’re no longer making them, just selling what remains on hand. Sorry.