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Nutmeg: Notes on a Foster Dog

NutmegNutmeg Steele arrived today.

She appears to be a Black & Tan Hound.  She is as sweet as can be.

We were told she’s 3 years old.  The vet at her spaying said 6 months.  Jen and I think more like just under a year.

She gets along with other dogs, she gets along with cats, not so good with chickens, and she rides well.  We’re told she’s a “gate climber”, but we’re not sure what that means.  She’ll be on a long lead when in the yard until we know if she’ll be going “over the wall” at her first opportunity.  She is a little timid at first with people, but warms up quickly and becomes affectionate.  Did I mention that she’s really sweet?  This Nutmeg is sweet as sugar. Continue reading Nutmeg: Notes on a Foster Dog