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Ellie Mae:
Notes On A Rescue Dog

Ellie has had kind of a tough row to hoe over the past few months.  We don’t know what her life was like before, but mid-summer she showed up at the home of a local resident: Deb.  Deb did the responsible thing and tried to get her back together with her family — except no one ever came forward to claim her.  But Ellie is a sweet, gentle girl, so Deb hung onto her.

After a while that got to be inconvenient.  Mostly because Ellie chased her cat and the cat never came back.  Hound dog, small furry creature that runs; maybe not the best combo.

When the local animal shelter re-opened, Deb took Ellie down there.  A shelter employee decided to take Ellie home because her husband hunts coons.  But they found out that THIS hound don’t hunt, (at least not for him) so Ellie came back to the shelter.

The shelter contacted Amy (our intake person) and asked if Steele Away Home -Canine Foster and Rescue could help find Ellie Mae a new home.   Continue reading Ellie Mae:
Notes On A Rescue Dog