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As you may (or may not) know, my wife and I are a foster home for dogs. Mostly the dogs we foster are sick and in need of a lot of T.L.C. and some nursing: monitoring of their physical well-being, meds administered on time, transport back to the shelter for their formal medical procedures, and all that. The goal is to get these lovable creatures healthy again so they can be adopted into Forever Homes.

Meet Malachi: The Out Of Control Turkey-Dog

A rareshot of malachi standing still
Malachi – Oct 2013

So far we have fostered 10 dogs, Malachi is our 11th. Of those 10, two did not survive (and that those were heart-breaking) and two we adopted ourselves. The rest have all gone into the Rolling Rescue program and have been adopted into loving homes. Sometimes the new pet parents correspond with us and send photos of the lil darlins in their new places (and those are wonderful). Malachi is a different situation all together.

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