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Cochise’s Final Expenses Fund

Cochise BigDog passed over the Rainbow Bridge on May 3rd.  His final days involved  three trips to Cedarwood Veterinary Hospital, two of them for surgeries,  a special purchase of expensive clotting agents, a hasty trip to an Emergency Services clinic in Knoxville, where diagnostics, tests, more drugs, and consultation with an emergency service vet and an oncologist were performed.

Dr. Sandra O’Connor paid the emergency services clinic bill so I didn’t have to deal with that on top of  losing our beloved Cochise, for that I am grateful.  When everything is tallied up and posted to our account, I expect the charges for all these services will be … pretty high.  I have opened a Care Credit account as a loan to pay them.

Over the weekend one of the Rescue people we know through Facebook contacted me and asked if she could help us with Cochise’s final expenses, and if so, how?  I honestly had not considered this possibility and wasn’t sure how to go about it.  I made a few on-the-fly suggestions, but none were really good ones. Continue reading Cochise’s Final Expenses Fund


All Hail the Chief

Cochise BigDog, also known as Cochise the Amazing Talking Dog passed away on Thursday, May 3rd around 9:30 PM at the age of ten years.

Cochise was a great companion to us for six of those years, an amazing mentor to 63 foster dogs, an effective Guardian of the Realm, and a great ambassador for rescue dogs everywhere, for he too started out abandoned in a shelter, heartworm positive and scheduled for destruction.  We saved him then, now it’s time to let him go.  Farewell my Bestest Boy, you will be missed.
Continue reading All Hail the Chief

Cochise Is Declared “Unusual” Once Again

Cochise wasn't expecting anything unusualLast week Cochise went to Cedarwood for his annual inspection — I mean examination, shots, blood tests, and a good, thorough poking all over.  He had an unusual lump on his leg that raised some concerns.

In the end, what they found was described as “the most unusual thing we’ve ever seen.” – which is becoming a recurring theme with Cochise. Continue reading Cochise Is Declared “Unusual” Once Again

Cochise vs the Dump Truck

Today we had some driveway work done.  The driveway up to my workshop is a MESS!  All washed out and badly rutted.  I bent a rim on Marie’s Subaru by taking it up this driveway.  It’s time to dig deep and get repairs done or it will just keep getting worse.

Cochise insisted on going out to chase the tractor and the dump truck and hurl heinous threats at everyone.  He stayed on his side of the fencing, they stayed on theirs.  He got so worked up early on that he leapt up against the fencing, bounced back, and did a back flip!

After a half hour of these intense aerobics, I went out with a lead to bring him back to the house.  He offered no resistance at all.  His tongue was hanging so low he was tripping on it!

We got half way up the hill to the house and he just flopped over on his side and panted, “I can’t go any farther, carry me!” Continue reading Cochise vs the Dump Truck

Invasion Force

On Sunday I noticed Cochise shaking his head and scratching at his ears. I checked him out and found some gunk inside, which I removed with Q-tips. I made a note to stop into Tractor Supply and get some ear mite medication, just in case.

Cochises ears hurt
“My ears hurt!”

This morning I checked him again and found both ears swollen and hot. I decided to put a call in to Doctor Sandra and make an appointment: I assumed he’d scratched at his ears enough to cause an infection.

Before I could do that, during the morning poop patrol, I found what I believe to be the true source of his discomfort: a yellow jacket nest in the play yard. Continue reading Invasion Force

Cochise’s Dudes Day Out

Cochise OWNS the sunshine
Cochise tells the Tale

On Monday morning HairyFace helped me put my harness on, and I wondered why he was doing that. We had already done the trash run a couple of days before. He snapped on a leash and walked me out to the truck. That was good news, I like truck rides!

After belting me in, he got in and started the make-it-go thing. He did not go get Blondie: Blondie’s not coming too? That usually means we’re going to the vet. Not that I mind going to my vet: she is very nice, everyone loves on me and I get lots of treats. But they also like to poke me with sharp things. I don’t care for that part.

We rolled down the driveway and turned toward town. Could be the vet, could be the cookie-window place.

There’s a place that Hairy goes sometimes to swap out pieces of paper with a lady behind a big glass window. She always sends out some dog cookies with his slips of paper. We could be going there.

When we got to the end of go-sorta-fast road he turned toward town. My vet is the other way: not going to the vet. I started licking my lips and thinking about those cookies.

But he drove right past the cookie-window place. I groused at him, “Growl-grr-ruff!”: “Where are you going, you missed it!” But he kept going and seemed to know where he wanted to go. Continue reading Cochise’s Dudes Day Out

Cochise Wants His Treat

Telemarketer repellerCochise is a talkative fellow, he knows the routine, and is not timid about asking for things he feels he should get.  On weekend evenings we all eat in the living room and watch a program on TV.  On Fridays is a classic Sci-Fi movie, Saturday an episode of The Waltons or The Andy Griffith Show, on Sunday it’s a NASCAR race.  After dinner the dogs get a special chew treat.  This evening, Cochise was especially hungry … and impatient.

This was not the first such discussion.  On another occasion he was feeling entitled to a second treat and made a persuasive argument.

As you can see, he can be quite reasonable, even about a treat.

And when he gets his treat, it makes him very happy, especially when it’s one of his favorites.

Breaking the Rules

Cochise tells the tail

Kathy is our latest arrival in foster dogs. She is unusual in that she is the smallest dog we’ve cared for. She’s a Jack Russell mix, so she’s smart. Maybe too smart: she thinks, because she’s cute, she’s above the rules.

not breaking the rulesSince I’ve been here, No Dogs On the People Furniture has always been one of the rules. But it wasn’t always that way. When I first got here Dolly was my mentor. Dolly told me that when they all lived in the old house — the one that is Doug’s workshop now — she had her very own sofa to sit on and watch TV! That’s amazing!

When they moved to the new house, which is smaller, they bought new furniture (and had less of it) and they made the dog-furniture ban. That never mattered to me: I was just thrilled to be able to come into the house! And since they give us cushy blankets and doggie beds to lay on, I didn’t mind not being able to get up on the sofa or their bed.

But Kathy thinks, because she’s little and adorable, she should be above the rules. And Doug and Marie are letting her get away with it! That’s causing some hard feelings among the dog populace of this home.

If this won’t play properly for you, try it at YouTube
* * * * *

Twas a Dark and Rainy Morning

Wants out on a rainy day
Kathy sitting at the door asking to be let outside.

Kathy (the new little foster dog) wanted to go outside this morning, in the dark and in the rainy weather.  With her it’s hard to say if she needs to go outside because she needs to “go” or because she wants to play around and hunt.  She had been living the free-and-easy life for a while, just doing what she wanted when she wanted because no one was looking after her.

Marie let her out.

Kathy is the smallest dog we have fostered.  I have been adamant about going out with her when she went, to keep an eye on her.  I’m not at all certain she can’t squeeze out through gaps between gate and post in the fencing.  Marie did not go out with her and I was contemplating whether I should put shoes on and go out after her — in my pajamas, in the rain.  I decided since it was rainy, she probably would not stay out long. Continue reading Twas a Dark and Rainy Morning