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Blondie Joins the Fun

Cochise, on DST
Cochise tells the tale

Blondie Bear has been feeling poorly for the past few months: she has the itchies real bad.  She’s gone to see Dr. Sandra a couple of times.  Dr. Sandra gave HairyFace some medicine for Blondie: that helped the itchies but made her sleepy.  Now that the problem is clearing up and Blondie isn’t spending all her time either scratching or sleeping, she is getting to be her spunky self again.  And that means she can be trouble for me sometimes. Continue reading Blondie Joins the Fun

bedtime dilemma featured image

Cochise’s Bedtime Dilemma

Last night Cochise had a bedtime dilemma.

Cochise and Blondie Bear are permanent residents.  Tinker, Jasmine and Gator are foster dogs.  We offer multiple dog beds but who sleeps on what can be kind of fluid during the day and evening.  Everyone is okay with that.

bedtime dilemma, blondie on futonIn the living room are a pair of beds made from a donated futon pad.  These are favored when Marie and I are in the living room or kitchen, and are big enough that they can be shared when necessary.

bedtime dilemma, blondie Gator share abed

At bedtime, however, each dog has a definite preference. Continue reading Cochise’s Bedtime Dilemma


Christmas in the Dog House

In many homes Christmas morning is met with the squeals and giggles of children tearing wrapping paper to discover what treasures hide within.  At our house it’s a little … different.

When Marie and I  got home from church we walked down to my Mom’s house where we met up with my brother and sister-in-law who drove in from South Carolina for Christmas lunch.  She runs a restaurant  and brought the food.  A tasty meal and a good visit with family we don’t get to see often.

Then Marie and I returned to our house to open presents with The Kids.  There was no wrapping paper on their gifts (much of that is toxic if eaten), but they didn’t mind.  Wrapping paper just confuses them.

The squeaker squirrel was a special gift intended for Tinker (because he does SO love squeaker toys) so we rescued it from Jazzy before she could do it harm and gave it to Tinker.  It instantly became his favorite toy! Continue reading Christmas in the Dog House

Vega the Pibble Poses

The Pibble House-guest

Vega is a Pibble. A Pibble that was rescued from the local shelter. A rescued Pibble that was sent to a foster home to be loved and cared for until the Rescue can find him a Forever Home.

Unfortunately, Vega chose not to remain in his kennel at his foster home. He decided to go have himself a walk-about. That was not in his care plan!

So Vega came to stay with us just until his pen could be repaired and reinforced to prevent future walk-abouts.

Vega the Pibble PosesHis first evening here, he stayed outdoors in his pen. He didn’t want to stay in his pen, he wanted to go on a walk-about and he tried to make a hole to fulfill that desire. HairyFace caught him, patched the damage and said, “Do not do that. Bad boy.”

Vega watched intently as Hairy undid what Vega had done. He made no attempt to interfere, just watched and emitted a soft, low growl. Not aggression, just telling Hairy that he did not appreciate the intervention.

But he has since stayed in his pen.  Mostly. Continue reading The Pibble House-guest

Blondie watching

Blondie Goes On Stake-out

Blondie is a good watch dog: she’s always watching. I am Guardian of the Realm, it is my job, when a threat arises, to go out and bark at it with my deep, rumbly, scary voice so it goes away. I chase away raccoon, possum, bunny rabbits, cats, school bus monsters, noisy trucks, and delivery service vans. I keep everyone safe. But that is a lot of responsibility, so I delegate most of the watch-dogging to Blondie Bear.

Cochise attending to important business.
Cochise attending to important business.

A lot of times I do hear or smell an approaching threat and go to work. But if I am otherwise occupied (ahem) Blondie will alert me and I’ll spring into action.

Blondie really likes watching. She has honed that skill to an art…

Blondie Bear

Blondie’s Concern for Fido

Cochise, on DST
Cochise tells the tale

Before I begin, let me remind you that Blondie Bear is scared of gunfire and thunder. When she hears these she bolts to HairyFace’s side and insists on being petted until the scariness passes.

Blondie BearIt had been an unsettling morning. Millie went for a truck ride with HairyFace. Almost surprisingly she came back. Usually when we get that “someone is leaving” vibe, whoever goes for a ride does not come back.

When they returned from wherever they went Millie was outside for a while, then came in to her room (crate) and the rest of us took turns going out. As usual, Blondie, Tinker and I all went out as a group. We’re all best buds. Blondie often goes outside with Millie or with Fido. Sometimes they play, sometimes she tells them to back off. If they do (Millie is doing better with that) all is well. If not, Hairy steps in to back them off. Hairy is Blondie’s hero/protector.

When we came in, Hairy took Fido out. A lot of times, when it’s chilly, Fido will race out in the yard, run a couple of loops, stop to do his business, then race back to the door saying, “Let me back in where it’s warm!” But this morning, Fido chose to wander around and sniff stuff. So after a while Hairy left him to amuse himself and came back inside. Continue reading Blondie’s Concern for Fido

We’re SO Happy You’re HOME!

Cochise tells the tale

On most days NiceLady leaves us a little after breakfast and goes on a long car ride that lasts the whole day … until just before dinner time. We miss her terribly while she’s out having fun.

HairyFace stays with us to keep us company and open the door for us when we need to go in and out. And to give us lunch cookies. And to scratch us and pet us when we need it. He does some other strange things during the day, but mostly he’s here for us to look after him and keep him safe while he does those little trifles for us.

On Sundays they BOTH leave us at home by ourselves and that’s really awful. But that’s not all day, just long enough to get a good nap in.

When NiceLady has been gone all day we get excited about her coming home.

Sometimes it takes her a while to come in and we get impatient, but we’re always happy to see her.

Jasper Sneaks A Smooch

Jasper and Blondie are sitting together, enjoying a pleasant July afternoon at the cabin.

Jasper-Blondie porch settin 160725 (1)
Talking, relaxing and being friends.
Jasper-Blondie porch settin 160725 (2)
Jasper begins whispering sweet nothings in Blondie’s ear.
Blondie does not rebuff him.
Jasper-Blondie porch settin 160725 (3)
Feeling bold, Jasper sneaks a quick lick on the jaw.
Jasper-Blondie porch settin 160725 (4)
Surprised by the move, Blondie simply blushes … and smiles.
Self-satisfied, Jasper acts nonchalant.

They sit quietly for a while, then Jasper decides to show her how dogly he is by trotting off to patrol the fences and be sure their play space is secure. Blondie just smiles: Jasper can be sweet when he wants to.

Lulu’s Dream

Cochise tells the tale

Blondie and I are in our bedroom beds. HairyFace is sitting in bed reading. NiceLady is finishing up her end-of-day routine. Lulu is sitting in the master-bath watching Lady. Lady says, “Say good night to everyone, Lulu.” and Lulu trots out and sniffs at me, she walks around the bed and sniffs at Blondie. Blondie has a dog bed at the foot of the Peoples bed, but she often sleeps on the carpet next to Hairy’s side of the bed. Hairy says, “Good night Lulu.”

Lady asks, “Are you ready for bed now, Lulu?” hoping to direct Lulu to her crate.

Lulu’s eyes light up, “YES!” and she leaps up on the bed with Hairy. A dream come true!

Blondie bolts to her feet and stares at her wide-eyed, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? That’s not allowed!”

Hairy sets Lulu back on the floor, “No, Lulu, that is not allowed.”

Deflated, Lulu trods behind Lady to the crate. She whines a little bit, but settles in after a while.

Since Lulu has learned to scratch at the back door or whine at the Peoples when she wants to go outside, the Peoples are thinking about letting her sleep in a snuggle bed in the bedroom with us pretty soon. I think that would make her happy. Not as happy as sleeping on the People bed, but it’s as close as she will get in this house. There are rules in my house, after all. To be a good dog you must follow the rules.

Maybe Lulu’s forever home will not have a no-dogs-on-the-bed rule. Then that dream can be realized.

Volt Rides Out

Cochise, on
Cochise tells the tale

Last night we had a party with special treats and we all talked about what a good boy Volt is. Blondie and I knew what was going on, we’ve seen this several dozen times now. Often it’s no big deal, at least not to me. I’m stoic. But once in a while saying “good-bye” is hard … even for me.

Volt, of course had no clue. He was just happy to get special treats and have so much attention paid to him. I explained it to him after everyone went to bed.

When we got up this morning, Volt went into the den for some morning lovies from HairyFace. Nothing unusual about that. But when Volt reached way up and licked Hairy’s face and neck, that was unusual: Volt’s not a real kissy-guy. Hairy thought he was saying good-bye, but I knew he was saying, “Don’t send me away; this is my home. I like it here.” So I had another chat with him.

It’s harder for him to understand because he’s been here so long. He’s gotten settled. Continue reading Volt Rides Out