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Blondie Has Surgery

Thunder comforterOn Monday, Blondie Bear spent the day at the doggie hospital to have two small growths removed from her skin. Neither were cancerous, but one was on the edge of her eye lid and was impairing her vision. As long as she was to be sedated to remove that, we decided to have a skin tag on her shoulder removed as well.

While waiting for the veterinarian staff to bring Blondie out after surgery and recovery, the surgical assistant told me a funny story about Blondie. Blondie is a big, sturdy girl, but gentle as can be. They gave her the pre-surgical anesthesia to relax her. After a few minutes they moved her to the surgical table, but when they tried to get Blondie Bear to lay down, she braced her legs out wide and stiffened up, “I will NOT lie down, and you can’t make me.” there was no aggression at all, just stalwart resistance. They could not budge her, so they waited. Continue reading Blondie Has Surgery

Firewood Splitting Assistant

Tim is a friend of ours.  He used to be our next door neighbor and would help me cut and stack firewood, but a couple of years ago he and his wife were offered a great deal on a house she had always admired and they moved down the road.  He’s still one of my best friends, just a more distant neighbor.

I had the truck today — because I was doing a dog transport for the local animal shelter — and decided to stop in and see Tim on my way home.  We talked for a while.  His dog made it known that he needed to go out for a walk.  As we were leaving, Tim said, “Hey!  Do you want some firewood?”  He pointed across to the far side of his property where recent winds had broken off a small maple tree.  He’d already cut it up but had no use for the wood.  We use firewood for heat, so I’m always glad of a gift of firewood, especially when it’s already cut up and ready to load!  I thanked him and loaded it up.

firewood loadI figured I’d back the truck in to my loading dock, roll the wood splitter out onto the dock, split the wood as it came off the truck and stack it. Since it’s green wood, I won’t be able to burn it this year, it needs to season first. I’ll stack it on the far end of the “ready to use” wood stack and hope we don’t burn through the whole stack this winter.

Blondie Boomer Noises150205(2) 800x500Before getting started, I went inside to check messages and check on the dogs. While I was inside someone in the area decided to start some target practice with his blunderbuss.

Blondie Bear is terrified of gunfire.  (Read More…)

Breaking the Rules

Cochise tells the tail

Kathy is our latest arrival in foster dogs. She is unusual in that she is the smallest dog we’ve cared for. She’s a Jack Russell mix, so she’s smart. Maybe too smart: she thinks, because she’s cute, she’s above the rules.

not breaking the rulesSince I’ve been here, No Dogs On the People Furniture has always been one of the rules. But it wasn’t always that way. When I first got here Dolly was my mentor. Dolly told me that when they all lived in the old house — the one that is Doug’s workshop now — she had her very own sofa to sit on and watch TV! That’s amazing!

When they moved to the new house, which is smaller, they bought new furniture (and had less of it) and they made the dog-furniture ban. That never mattered to me: I was just thrilled to be able to come into the house! And since they give us cushy blankets and doggie beds to lay on, I didn’t mind not being able to get up on the sofa or their bed.

But Kathy thinks, because she’s little and adorable, she should be above the rules. And Doug and Marie are letting her get away with it! That’s causing some hard feelings among the dog populace of this home.

If this won’t play properly for you, try it at YouTube
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Blondie Bear: Escape Artist

Escape artist Blondie
Blondie Bear: escape artist extraordinaire

A report from Cochise on Blondie Bear:

The day after Thanksgiving, there was great excitement in the neighborhood: a UPS truck was parked out front AND a stray dog was running up and down the road all at the same time! Smokey and Lupa were barking and carrying on, other confined dogs on the road were barking and carrying on. We were running all over the yard barking this way and that. It was more than Blondie Bear could stand.

In desperation to escape and be part of it all, she found she could scale a section of The Great Wall of Edwina by reaching up with her forepaws, hooking the top plank with her rather ample claws, and boosting herself with hind feet claws snagging seams between the heavy boards. Doug got to the door just in time to see Blondie’s butt going up over the wall and trot off toward the road. I would not have thought it possible: she’s pretty chunky after all, but she did it. Of course she went absolutely deaf the moment she got over the wall and could not hear Doug calling her back.

Doug went out after her. It was a foolish effort, but he tried. She’d look at him when he got close, giggle and run off again. Finally she went down a steep slope toward a creek and a cow pasture beyond. Doug couldn’t follow through the forest underbrush on that slope, so he came home. She was out for hours. She pranced through the yard several times, looking very pleased with herself. She was out carousing until Marie got home from shopping. The thought of seeing Marie and inspecting a truck-load of groceries was too much for her and she surrendered.

The next day Doug got to work thwarting that avenue of escape. He was going to add another level to the trellis, but Marie suggested just adding a shelf. He thought that over, modified the concept a little and made it so.

Blondie was not amused.

Escape route thwarted

Blondie Goes A.W.O.L.

Cochise Mentor dog never goes AWOLA couple of days ago Blondie found and exploited a weakness in the new fence.  An oversight on the part of the installers combined with a steep downhill slope outside the fence created a place that Blondie could squeeze under the mesh and go A.W.O.L.

I saw her do it and went and told HairyFace.  We went looking for her with the truck.  We found her too.  Hairy opened the door and called, “Blondie!  Want to go for a ride?”  That always gets her, she loves riding.  And she started for the truck, then stopped and gave him a look: “Noooooo, this is a trick.  You’re going to take me home.  I’m not falling for it this time.”  And she ran off into the woods.  Nothing to do now but wait.

HairyFace found and fixed the place in the fence where she got out.

Eventually Blondie got tired and came home.

Now, when Hairy lets Blondie outside he watches her closely to see if there are any other places that interest her.  Our first run of each day is always before dawn.  Unlike us, Hairy can’t see well in the dark, especially when clouds hide the moon.  So he dug out one of the lights NiceLady bought for Drakes farewell party and clipped it to Blondie’s collar so he can see where she is and if she’s spending a lot of time in one place.

That works well and it makes Blondie feel special, with her little light winking and sparkling all around her feet.  I think I’ll start calling her ‘Tinkerbell’.

Me?  I have no desire to run away from home.  I know when I’ve got it good. Besides one troublesome child per family is enough.

(Are you reading this Hairy?  Since I never show up on the A.W.O.L. list, do I get extra treats?)

Video: Tinkerbell goes AWOL no more.


Blondie Goes Tinkerbell from Doug Bittinger on Vimeo.

Still in Infirmary Mode

infirmary monitorsIt is chilly and rainy today: a great day to stay in, snuggle up, and light a little fire in the fireplace … just to take the chill off.

We are still in infirmary mode: NiceLady is doing a little better but still feeling pretty poorly, so Blondie and I are taking care of her. hairyFace helps us with those little tasks that require thumbs.

All of us dogs did go out this morning despite the rain. I surprised Hairy a little by staying out quite a while, sniffing the trees and bushes and generally patrolling the yard. Having a real yard to patrol instead of just a 25 foot arc around the front porch is much more motivating even in wet weather. And it was just a drizzle, had it been pouring, I’d have stayed in. Continue reading Still in Infirmary Mode

Blondie is Nurse on Duty

Escape artist Blondie
Blondie Bear

This is a guest post by my foster-sister Blondie-Bear.


NiceLady has been sick. I don’t know what’s wrong.  I know she feels bad.  And she falls over when she tries to walk.

Blondie is the Nurse on Duty

I’ve been taking care of her. HairyFace helps: he does the little things like bringing her food and giving her medicine and getting her to the bathroom.  I’m the one who stays by her bed, watching, and thinking good thoughts to help her get better. I’m her nurse.

This morning Lady got out of bed and walked to the bathroom by herself. Cochise and Hairy were in the kitchen. Cochise heard the toilet flush, jumped up, RAN to the bedroom and stood staring at her, wide eyed: “What are you DOING!? You’re not supposed to be up by yourself!” Continue reading Blondie is Nurse on Duty