Roscoe Returns
Notes On A Foster Dog

Roscoe is ready to go home

Roscoe is back!

Unfortunately he did not pass Universal K9’s qualifications for acceptance into their police dog training programNewport Animal Control‘s attempts to get him into one of several “pit bull” rescues came to naught as well.  But Steele Away Home – Canine Foster and Rescue’s Intake Coordinator (Amy) agreed to let me bring him back here as a Steele dog.

Roscoe went out the back door for a walk just as I was coming in the front door of Animal Control.  That gave me a few minutes to talk with Lisa and Alicia.  They had a packet made up for me with the transfer form, shot record and a microchip kit.

Roscoe came back in via the front door, and when he saw me standing there he just EXPLODED in happiness: bounced around then stood up, wrapped his paws around my neck and licked my face.   Now I need a shower!   When I took him out to the truck he leapt up onto the tailgate and pawed at the door of the transport box, “Let me in, let me in, I want to go home!”  He sang a song all the way home!

He’s still got a little skin thing going on with his rump.  A dose of Fipronil might clear it up if it’s just skin mites.  I’ll have Amy take a look at that when she can.

This afternoon I’ve been busy indoors, and Roscoe has been lounging on his Coolaroo in the sunshine enjoying life on the mountain.  No fussing or barking.  All the other dogs have been out to say, “Welcome back”.

I have a large crate set up for Roscoe to sleep in our house at night, because it gets cold enough at night that his short fur will not protect him much.  He’s been inside before and did really well.


Roscoe’s original owner was incarcerated.  While in jail he asked his mother to look after Roscoe.  She agreed, but Roscoe ate her cat (NOTE: Roscoe is NOT good around cats), and she turned him over to The City of Newport Animal Control.


Roscoe is big and strong and bouncy.  He doesn’t realize how big he is.  But he is not at all mean (except with cats).  He is affectionate and playful.  He loves tennis balls.


  • Leash Walking: He pulls like a tractor!  Only strong people should even try this or you *will* become a sled.
  • Crate Trained: Yes.  He goes into a crate for a bribe and is calm once in there.  Make sure he has a nice thick blankie!
  • Destructive of bedding: He was very good to his bedding while staying with us for Day Camp.  Marie even made him a custom crate mattress (because he does SO appreciate such comforts) and he loved it.  We took it with him when I took him back to Animal Control, and before I was even out the door he had shredded the mattress.
  • House Broken: Not yet
  • Rides well: No.  He gets rowdy inside our truck.  Does better in a transport box in back, but expect him to sing/talk to you a lot.
  • Good with other dogs: Has shown no aggression at meeting others through the fencing.
  • Jumping up on people: When he gets excited, but mostly he will lean against my legs and ask for scritchies when he wants attention.
  • Comes when called: Sometimes, but he takes he scenic route.
  • Sits on command: Not yet
  • Obeys Down/Off : Not yet
  • Food Aggressive: Unknown


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