Post Strawberry Season

This is my post strawberry season post.  Almost.  Actually because I have ever-bearing strawberry plants I will get another crop in another month or two.  If these were June berries then the season would be over and it would be time do the final clean-up and put them to bed.  The process is similar in both cases; it’s mostly a matter of timing.

Strawberry bed nowWhen I planted this bed I bought plants from a nursery and set them in the spring.  The Square Foot Gardening book says to plant them 4 plants per square foot, I modified that according to the number of plants in the flat (about 25).  That resulted in a much wider spacing, but that’s OK.

This is the bed’s second season and I now have around 10 plants per square foot: way too crowded!  This is because I was lax about this maintenance business last year.

Today I’m going in to clean up.  It’s been very wet this year.  Too wet.  And the leaves of my strawberries are showing signs of a leaf disease which I suspect is attributed to the really wet conditions.

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