Josephine – Notes on a foster dog

Josephine first came to our attention when the Humane Society of Jefferson County posted an urgent plea for rescue or foster of a female beagle mix who was so terrified by the “shelter” environment that she was at risk.  My wife, Marie, decided we needed to help this poor thing.  After some communication through Facebook, we drove out to pick her up for fostering.

We were elated to discover that the same post Marie saw also generated an offer of adoption from a lady who has adopted from H.S.J.C. before, but she’s in Chicago (Josephine is in Tennessee) and they needed to arrange transportation.  That will give us some time to work with her and calm her ingrained fearfulness.

A week before she was scheduled to leave with GoNorth Animal Transport, the adoptive family contacted H.S.J.C. to say that their other dog is sick with an unknown malady and they wanted to abort the adoption of Josephine since they don’t know what she might be coming into.

So, Josephine is on the Adoptable list again at Humane Society of Jefferson County: Facebook | Web Site | E-Mail

Below are some snippets of Josephine interacting with our family.

I’m cold, Blondie, may I snuggle with you?

This bed is just my size!
After her first bath

Hide me, Cochise, he’s coming with the itchy spray.

Hanging with The Chief

That’s nice. A little to the left please. Ooohhhh … that’s WONDERFUL!


Josie Bean is coming along nicely.  She is still timid and spooks at loud noises or sudden movement, but she is well on her way to becoming a normal dog again.

She is dog friendly.  She interacts well and will play with all of our other dogs.  She would be suitable for any family with children old enough to comprehend her timidity (which will go away with time and trust) and treat her kindly.

To  adopt this precious one, please contact Humane Society of Jefferson County: Facebook | Web Site | E-Mail.

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