Foxy Lady’s Graduation

“I’m ready to ride – let’s ROLL!”

Foxy has done well in her civilization training, so I gave her a reward.  Yesterday I took Foxy with me to run errands.  We went to the gas station, the drive-through bank (where she got a big cookie), Western Auto, O’Reilly’s Auto Parts, Ace Hardware, and Westgate Tire Pros.  She went in with me everywhere but the gas station and the bank (because I didn’t go in either).

Everyone was friendly to her.  Many loved on her and told her how beautiful she is.  She ate up all that attention!  She rode well and behaved perfectly in all the stores and with all of the people.

After SIX stores, she’s ZONKED!

I also went to Wilton Springs Hardware, but I dropped Foxy back at home first, that was going to be an extended shopping session and she was getting tired.

Foxy will be leaving us tomorrow: headed out east somewhere.  I’m told she has been accepted by a Husky rescue.  That is a good thing: they will make sure she gets placed with a home that is aware of and able to accommodate the quirky personalities of Huskies.

They are wonderfully affectionate and entertaining companions, but they are also vocal, brilliant, and have opinions about EVERYTHING.  Huskies are energetic dogs who need an active lifestyle.  Those who cannot appreciate these qualities will be frustrated by them.

Foxy is a good girl.  Beautiful too.  I’m sure she will find her forever home quickly.

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2 thoughts on “Foxy Lady’s Graduation

    1. She is! It’s funny because she will go out and run laps around the yard at top speed, sailing over obstacles, for a good half hour solid. But when she’s run off enough energy and is ready to come inside, she’ll curl up in my lap and want to snuggle. Her only issue has been that she was neglected as a pup and is “needy” hence my need to sleep on the floor next to her crate. But she seems to be doing better on that now. I hope sending her off to “Joisy” and someone new today won’t set her back.

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