Doggie Tales: New Play Yard

Blondie 140907 Smiling-croppedWe had SO much fun in the new play yard. When I first walked out into the yard — and realized there was no leash — I took off like a shot and went steaming down the hill, thinking I was free to bolt off into the woods. Imagine my surprise when this silver meshy thing was in my way! But it’s OK: we have so much room to run now that it’s almost as much fun as breaking loose and running off.

Cochise crashedCochise developed a medical problem over the winter and has been going to see his doctor through the summer. He hasn’t been feeling well enough to run much. But now he’s better. He ran and ran in that wide open space.

Then we went inside for dinner. Immediately after dinner the big lug went to bed and CRASHED. He’s so tired. Don’t tell him, but so am I, but I prefer to stay close to Doug & Marie, I’ll crash when they go to bed too.

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