Why the Foster Dog Program

Dolly tells me that when our Peoples got into the foster dog program they Zadie pet dog border collie, foster dog programdidn’t plan to adopt any of us. They had just lost Zadie, their baby-dog, and the pain of that loss was still very fresh. Dolly was very sad too; they were just like sisters. Dolly says Zadie was killed by a bear while they were out playing in the woods with their friend Boots. Dolly saw it happen. Dolly has been sticking really close to home ever since, the bear is still up in the woods, I’ve heard it.

HairyFace and NiceLady don’t know what happened, they were hoping Zadie got lost. But while putting out notices and reward posters, NiceLady came across the foster dog program, got interested, and convinced Hairy that it would be a good way to pay back some of the love and companionship they’d enjoyed from their dogs, especially Zadie: who was exceptionally companionable and devoted. She often helped Hairy work in the garden and she liked sitting on Ladies lap in the evening and getting brushed Dolly says I remind them of her quite a bit. I never met her, but I’m sure I’d have liked her. She was a “talker” to.