Cochise Wants His Treat

Telemarketer repellerCochise is a talkative fellow, he knows the routine, and is not timid about asking for things he feels he should get.  On weekend evenings we all eat in the living room and watch a program on TV.  On Fridays is a classic Sci-Fi movie, Saturday an episode of The Waltons or The Andy Griffith Show, on Sunday it’s a NASCAR race.  After dinner the dogs get a special chew treat.  This evening, Cochise was especially hungry … and impatient.

This was not the first such discussion.  On another occasion he was feeling entitled to a second treat and made a persuasive argument.

As you can see, he can be quite reasonable, even about a treat.

And when he gets his treat, it makes him very happy, especially when it’s one of his favorites.

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