Calvin S. Metcalf on the Church   Church at its best is more than a spectator experience.  It is a fellowship of people equipping themselves for ministry and witness.  The call of God has always been for His people to be actively involved in making a redemptive difference in the world.
    Church, therefore, is a learning resource, a training ground, and an experimental laboratory in the art of Christian living.  Whatever transpires in the context of church is of great importance to every area of our lives.  We cannot attend church in the same way we go to the theater.  An entertainment mentality is not conducive to discipleship.  
     Church at its best requires a commitment to the higher things of life.  There is no call like the call of God, which finds expression in the church.  It challenges the moral and ethical fibers of our being.  It pleads with us to minimize the things of the world as we maximize spiritual realities.  Earthly ambitions are flavored with Godly motives.  Love of self is defined only in the context of love for neighbor and love for God.  Wealth is seen against a background of need.  Stewardship becomes a matter of properly using that which we have.  Ministry becomes the password of our lives as compassion grants us entrance into the hurting side of society.  If we are serious about God we cannot leave events at church in the same way we leave the theater.  A take-it-or-leave-it attitude does not produce commitment.
     Church at its best is a fellowship of Jesus’ followers.  We do not go it alone.  There is a body of believers to whom we relate.  In the strength of togetherness we struggle with the issues of life.  God calls us into spiritual cooperation where we honor Him by honoring one another.
     There is a public dimension to our faith.  Lest we become spiritual hermits, we sing some of our songs and pray some of our prayers with our brothers and sisters in Christ.  Church gives us a place to observe and experience the operations of grace. The power of people energizes us to seek the will of God and in so doing  we find a reason for which to live. 
     Church at its best is our most wholesome inspiration to do our best because “the church’s one foundation is Jesus Christ  her Lord.”


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