Jasper on Sharing and Slyness

Cochise tells the tale

In our house we learn to share. If we get a new hoofie, we take turns at it (because if we each get one we still want the one someone else has). Blondie has a brand new hoofie. Jasper wants the brand new hoofie. What will Jasper do?

Jasper decided to go play ball instead.

Later Jasper got his turn. Blondie found something else to amuse herself with.

He chewed the hoofie for a long while. Then decided to go back to playing ball. He dropped the hoofie in HairyFace’s lap and said, “Watch that for me.” then bounded off down the hall.
Blondie asked, “That’s not how it’s supposed to work, is it?”
“I don’t know … no one has tried that before.”
“I don’t think that’s how it works. We share.”
“You’re right, Blondie, here.”
Blondie took the hoofie back to her lounging spot and resumed chewing.
When Jasper got tired of playing ball he tried to bribe Blondie into giving him the hoofie again.
“Wanna trade Blondie? I’ll let you play with my Redball.” …

Jasper was not happy about Blondie’s refusal.

To ease tensions, HairyFace put a dab of peanut butter in the Kong and gave that to Jasper. That made him happy.
But pretty soon Blondie offered a trade of her own.
“You want the hoofie, Jasper? I’ll trade you this hoofie for that kong.”
Jasper smiled slyly,”Ohhkaaayyyy … here.”
Although the peanut butter was gone, the scent was still there, Blondie still enjoyed licking it. Both were happy.

Movie Review: Them!

Them!This week’s Classic Sci-Fi Movie selection was another great example of the 1950’s creature features, except this one stands head & shoulder above its brethren.  Movies like Beginning of the End, Creature From the Black Lagoon, Monster From Green Hell, The Giant Gila Monster prove entertaining  in a “so bad they’re good” fashion.  But, despite its Saturday Matinee style title, Them! delivers a crisp and witty script, high quality performances from the actors and some decent special effects – considering that this film was made in 1954. Continue reading “Movie Review: Them!”

The Saddest Realization

Child_DefiantThe saddest words any parent can hear is their child saying, “I don’t need you.”

The saddest realization any parent can experience is that the child is right.

Where were you when they wanted a lap to sit in and be read to?  Where were you when he wanted you to attend his softball games, when she had a recital, when they had some personal crises and needed your guidance?  At work?  Or saying, “We’ll talk tomorrow, I’m too tired tonight.”

And now that you have come to the point where you want to be adviser, mentor, confidant… they have no need of you. For so long they have fended for themselves they do not need, or want, your input.

You are, after all, just the breadwinner.

Cochise on Rainy Days and Feet Cleaning

Cochise It’s Raining, Doug from Doug Bittinger on Vimeo.

As I explained above, I don’t like rainy days. I especially dislike thunderstorms, but even drizzly, gray days like today are a serious bummer for all of us. I don’t like getting my feet wiped with a towel, but at least I’m cooperative. When Doug says, “Give me a foot” I lift a foreleg so he can wipe it off with a towel. Then he asks for the other foreleg, and I give it to him. I make him lift the hind feet, but I try not to fight him: he’s going to win anyway.

Blondie has a different technique: she struggles. She fusses and refuses to cooperate and it can take quite a while to get her cleaned up. Especially since she likes to tromp through the mud. I avoid mud, stay to the grassy areas: my feet may get wet but I rarely get muddy.

Lancelot has a style all his own. When Doug picks up Lance’s first foot, he just flops over on his side, saying, “Here they are, all four of them, do what you will. I’m just happy to be able to come inside.” He’s a funny one, Lance is.