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Innovation In Dog Treats

The old saying about necessity being the mother of invention is absolutely true.  In so many instances I have cobbled together something or other specifically to meet a need in the life of my family or friends.  Even my life as a furniture maker was made successful because I could design pieces to meet the specific needs or desires of my clients.  I find that even in making dog treats, I’m looking for ways to innovate.

Being OCD About Dog Treats

dog treats in a bowlFor the past few months I have been helping out our canine rescue group: Steele Away Home, by making healthy dog treats that are sold in Cedarwood Veterinary Hospital.  The purchase price of these treats gets applied to the rescue’s medical bill at Cedarwood.  This is one of several efforts Marie and I do as The Julian Fund, which raises funds specifically for S.A.H.’s veterinary bill. Continue reading Innovation In Dog Treats

New W.I.P.:
Feeding Your Dog

feeding time!Since I’ve started putting a dollop of home made bone broth on top of the dogs kibbles, excitement among our canine companions at feeding time has really ramped up!

This experiment is the first step in hands-on research for a new book on feeding dogs.  It will cover the full spectrum from commercial kibble (what to look for and watch out for) to home-cooked dog food, to raw diets. Continue reading New W.I.P.:
Feeding Your Dog

Dog Park Update

Stanley Fencing Crew, dog parkFor the past three days we have been hosting an installation crew from Stanley Fencing Inc. in Sevierville TN. In a previous post I described what we hoped to do and asked for help with the cost: we just didn’t have enough to cover the cost – and we want to get it done before winter.

The response was heart-warming. A batch of fellow dog lovers stepped up and offered generous gifts. In just 5 days following the posting of our request, we had covered our deficit and had scheduled the fence company to do the installation. They started work on Wednesday and got all the posts in and some of the top rail on.

dog park fencing going inOn Thursday they came back to hang the chain-link and install gates. They ran into a couple of Oopsies: and an opportunity to show off their customer service.

  1. The fella who counts out parts and bags them up for each job shorted the job 10 tension straps, so they cannot properly install the final run of mesh. Their business is too far away to have these guys to go after more.
  2. The fella who welds up gates made one too small and it doesn’t fit. This will take some time, so they would have to come back again anyway: might as well do it all in one trip.

Continue reading Dog Park Update

Play Yard Upgrade 1: Gravel Pathway

play yard upgrade: doggie plankOnce the new fence was in and the entire side yard was enclosed, we began entering and exiting our house via the “back” door (which is really more of a side door) and the back porch I just built. I have steps coming down toward the front to a boardwalk – which is a work in progress – but no steps off the back side. Yet. So I built a quickie “doggie plank” for the dogs (and me) to use in getting from the porch to the pathway I’m about to build.

We travel through “The Chute” between the house and The Great Wall of Edwina and across the back of the house, which is at the base of a slope so it tends to stay wet a long time after a rain. To help keep the muck out of our house I began this upgrade by making a pathway of stepping stones.

Play Yard Upgrade: StonesI gathered these 16″ x 16″ x 2″ stones from various places around our property. Some were being used as weights atop the lumber piles, others were a pathway from the front porch around to the play yard side of the house. That path is no longer needed, so I could re-purpose those stones.

While I was carrying these stones from the play yard side of the house around the front to the back porch, Blondie and Cochise were lounging on the front porch, watching me work… Continue reading Play Yard Upgrade 1: Gravel Pathway

Side yard

Piney Mountain Canine Foster Care

Marie and I have been providing canine foster care to dogs since June of 2012.  coolaroo line-up, canine foster careWe find it to be a very rewarding experience.  Some posts to this blog promote animal fostering, offer training tips and cover canine health issues.  I will post the stories about our foster dogs, articles about what we’ve learned as foster care providers, and some links to the organizations we work with.

But it doesn’t stop there.  I’ve been busy setting up Facebook pages for each of the foster dogs where I can post short bits of information, pictures and videos about each dog.  Why not just do all this on the web site?  In a word: traffic. Continue reading Piney Mountain Canine Foster Care

Canine Rescue Partners

Side yardPiney Mountain Foster Care is the name we have given to the dog fostering effort we provide. It is not an official “organization” because it has not been incorporated or applied for 501(c)(3) status.

Unfortunately that means any cash gifts given directly to us are not tax deductible. However, the organizations we work with are 501(c)(3) and donations to them are tax deductible.

Our Partners in Canine Rescue

Steele Away Home – Canine Foster and Rescue

A foster home based canine rescue established in 2016 and located in Newport, TN. Each of their rescues are cared for by a loving foster family as they help them on their journey to a forever home. In addition to saving as many lives as they possibly can, they also hope to bring awareness to the need to have pets spayed and neutered to stop the cycle of the homeless animals. Steele Away Home – Canine Foster and Rescue has been established in part to recognize and honor the work of Jenifer Parry Steele who has worked tirelessly since 2003 to save thousands of animals in Newport and Cocke County.

Web site

The Dr. Carol Hood Memorial Animal Shelter

This animal shelter in Newport Tennessee was our primary source for the dogs we’ve provided care to from 2012 – 2016. We work under the supervision of their medical staff and their adoption coordinator.

This facility was closed in July of 2017 due to local politics.  It may reopen as a privately run shelter …

Friends of the Animal Shelter

Raises funds for the animal shelter: Information page on

In February of 2014 the Newport City Council decided to rename the Newport Animal Shelter to the Dr. Carol Hood Memorial Animal Shelter in honor of the veterinarian who was instrumental in founding and developing the shelter and was the primary veterinarian for many years. She did so much for this community, until cancer took her life.

Dogs in Danger

This is an award winning web site owned and operated by The Buddy Fund Inc. and was founded by two dog lovers. The website was launched in October 2007 with the goal of:

  1. Getting as many of these dogs adopted into loving homes as possible, before their time runs out; and
  2. Raising awareness of the number of dogs being killed in shelters.

The co-founders dedicated their respective skills, The Buddy Fund provided the funding, and the shelters listed the dogs.

Web Site

rolling rescue truckRolling Rescue

Rolling Rescue is a nationwide network of volunteers who transport dogs from areas where they are not wanted and in danger of being destroyed to areas where good pets are in demand. Local resident Robert Branham provides a special van that is loaded with crated animals for transport to other parts of the nation. Volunteer drivers are always needed, check their web site for details.

Web site

3 Hearts 4 Paws Animal Rescue

A New Jersey non profit organization comprised of volunteers who give selflessly and open their hearts and their homes, as a stepping stone to the permanent home every rescue animal dreams of. They are not a shelter: each of their rescues are cared for in the warmth of their foster homes, as they help them on their journey waiting for the place they can call their own. This is a frequent destination for The Shelter’s Rolling Rescue van.

Web site

Eleventh Hour Rescue

A volunteer based, non profit, 501c3 organization that literally saves dogs and cats from death row. They rely on the generosity of volunteers to provide loving foster homes for dogs and cats pulled from death row in high-kill shelters. Without you, they couldn’t do what they do, and that is to simply give them a chance. Without you, those animals don’t stand a chance.

Web site

FOWA Rescue

Friends Of Wayne Animals, Inc. is an all volunteer 501(c)(3) rescue organization based in Wayne, NJ. They are dedicated to the welfare, sheltering and placement of homeless animals. They are committed to educating the public about the humane treatment of animals, preventing animal cruelty and overpopulation and promoting animal welfare. This is a frequent destination for The Shelter’s Rolling Rescue van.

Web Site

Fur Friends In Need

A charitable animal rescue, adoption organization servicing Monmouth County, NJ and Staten Island, NY. Their main focus is to find homes for the homeless animals in their care, and to educate the public on the importance of spay/neuter of pets in order to reduce the number of unwanted animals who end up in shelters. F.F.I.N., also believes in trap, neuter and return of feral cats who have a responsible caretaker. They are an organization looking to expand foster care homes in order to care for the many animals in need. All of the animals in their care are spay/neutered and receive love, food, shelter and medical care as needed, until a loving forever home is found.

Web Site

Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary

O.F.S.D.S. is a rescue service dedicated to senior dogs because Senior dogs, especially those with medical problems or disabilities, face a much greater chance of euthanasia at shelters than younger dogs because it is difficult to find adopters for them due to their shorter additional life expectancy and unknown veterinary costs. They house some in their facility/home and Forever Foster some to volunteer foster homes within a 100 mile radius of their facility. We are too far away to provide foster care for them, but we do support them financially and can occasionally help out with transporting dogs to them from a rescue situation.
Web Site

Pawsitively Purrfect Rescue

An all volunteer organization dedicated to helping neglected and abandoned dogs and cats in the Carbon, Schuylkill, Northampton, Lackawanna, Susquehanna, Luzerne, and Philadelphia areas of PA. It is their mission to rescue and re-home abandoned and neglected dogs and cats. To provide a loving and caring environment while within their care. To provide a positive adoption experience as well as training and educational resources and to encourage responsible ownership.


Founded in 1941, SAVE is an independent non-profit animal shelter dedicated to protecting the health and welfare of homeless companion animals in the greater Princeton NJ area. Through six core programs of Rescue, Shelter, Health and Welfare, Spay/Neuter, Adoption, and Humane Education, SAVE focuses on the rehabilitation and successful placement of treatable and adoptable animals. SAVE endeavors to build, foster, and strengthen the human-animal bond.

Web Site