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Shiloh Steele:
Notes On a Rescue Dog

Shiloh arrived here on the evening of July 28th, 2017.  I picked her up from the mobile spay/neuter clinic after her surgery.  Fortunately I used a large transport box for this because it took hours before she was able to stand and walk about on her own.  I have a loading dock on my workshop, so I just slid the box from the back of my pick-up onto the dock and into the workshop and let her rest until she was ready.

Shiloh’s Backstory

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Notes On a Rescue Dog

Sylvia Steele:
Notes On A Rescue Dog

SylviaSylvia is a 7 year old Shar Pei mix with a checkered past.  She is affectionate but not clingy.  She shares the yard with most other dogs, but does not usually engage in play other than running.

She’s kind of a loner.

Last updated: Nov 11, 2017

Fast Facts

  • She has been spayed and all her shots are up to date except rabies and she is on heartworm preventative.
  • She has been crate trained and pee pad trained.
  • Sylvie currently bunks in a pen and has had multiple neighbors: male and female.  She has gotten along just fine with all of them.
  • Amy says Sylvia gets along great with CATS.
  • She does show strong alpha-dog tendencies including an insistence on peeing on all the spots the male dogs have marked.

Sylvia’s Story

Sylvia is one of 20+ dogs taken to the Humane Society of Jefferson County after Animal Control removed them all from a single hoarding situation.  Most of them are Shar Pei mixes.  All of them exhibited some degree of fearfulness.  Some of them had never had ANY human contact and had had to fight for the little food that was occasionally tossed out for them.  During Sylvia’s stay she tested positive for heartworm and the shelter was not equipped to properly care for a dog going through HW treatment so they appealed to Steele Away Home – Canine Foster and Rescue for help.  But not before she stole the hearts of the shelter staff.

Sylvia and another dog in the group had recently given birth to litters of puppies.  The other momma dog attacked Sylvia’s litter and killed several of them and wounded Sylvie.  The other momma had to be euthanized because of her “killer” behavior, leaving her pups motherless so the staff tried giving them to Sylvia.  She eagerly adopted them and mothered them until weaned.  But she needed special accommodations because she was so protective she’d charge the fencing if any dog was walked by.  Once her foster mother duties were completed, she went into foster care herself for treatment.

Amy Huff was her first foster home and brought her a long ways from the terrified, defensive dog she was.  Amy had cats, which Sylvie got along with just fine, but no dogs.   Sylvie needed more group interaction, so Amy began bringing Sylvie here to play in our yard, meet our dogs and to meet me.  That went well and after a few weeks of visits, Sylvie came here to live, and I’ve been working on socializing her further.

Sylvia is now quite accepting and friendly with both me and my wife, Marie, and has been friendly to strangers who visited. She has gotten along well with all of our dogs … except Blondie Bear.  At first Sylvie ignored Blondie while they were in the yard together.  But after a while Sylvie decided to challenge her:

I needed to step in quickly to avert a potential fight.  That antagonism continues, but only toward Blondie Bear – and we don’t know why.  Blondie is the sweetest, most gentle thing you can imagine.

This means she cannot come in our house because Blondie lives in the house, so further house-manners training is out of the program unless I can resolve this.  She does, however, dance on her fencing with a toy clutched in her mouth when the others are in the yard, “I want to play too, I want to play too.  See: I have a TOY!  Let me play too.”  She really wants to get along, but her insecurity gets the better of her on the rare occasion.

Sylvia plays with “The Gang” in the yard. Cochise is missing: he’s taking a nap. (This was shot a while back)

She plays better with Julian when Josie is not in the mix.  She doesn’t like to compete for the attention of her playmate.

As you can see, Sylvie can play well with others.

sylvia in the poolSylvia knows how to cool off on a hot July afternoon!  She stayed in there for the longest time, then stepped out, shook off, and went to sunbathe on the doggie-cabin’s front porch.


Josephine – Notes on a foster dog

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Josephine first came to our attention when the Humane Society of Jefferson County posted an urgent plea for rescue or foster of a female beagle mix who was so terrified by the “shelter” environment that she was at risk.  My wife, Marie, decided we needed to help this poor thing.  After some communication through Facebook, we drove out to pick her up for fostering.

Age: Approximately 9 months (as of May 2017).

History: Picked up as a stray by Animal Control in April.  She was terrified of everything.  The shelter environment only made that worse. She was placed into foster care to give her a peaceful environment and to work on her fear issues.



Julian – Notes On a Rescue Dog

When I first met Julian, he was sitting in an outside pen at the Humane Society where I work.  He was a mess.

Julian had been picked up by animal control because a resident called to report a dog fight.  I don’t have details about exactly what happened or what became of the other dog, but Julian got chewed up pretty badly, especially his head.  We were giving him antibiotics to fight infection and help his wounds heal.

He was sitting, with his feet all bunched up, on a toilet seat cover.  Someone gave us a bunch of them to use as comfies — we use them mostly for cats in their wall crates.  But here was this 60 pound boxer bunched up on this woolly toilet seat cover like it was the best thing in the world: an oasis of comfort in an otherwise miserable existence.   It was funny and heart breaking at the same time.

Over the weeks, Julian began to mend and he proved to be gentle and friendly when we worked with him.

Then we tested him for heartworm … and the test came up positive.  Our boss wasn’t surprised: Julian had obviously been neglected and allowed to run loose.  It was no shock to find he was not on a preventative.  She said the best thing to do was to put him down.  With his scars and the HW+ there was no way he was going to get adopted, and we don’t have the facilities to treat his HW anyway. Continue reading Julian – Notes On a Rescue Dog

Lego Steele:
Notes On A Rescue Dog

This is a foster dog diary post about Lego.  New information will be added to the end of this post so all info on this dog is kept in one place and in chronological order.

Last Updated: March 31, 2017

Lego’s History

LegoThe story we got was that her family got another family dog after having Lego for almost 4 years.  Lego did not get along with the new dog right away, so they got rid of Lego. Continue reading Lego Steele:
Notes On A Rescue Dog


Charlie & Joey Steele – Foster dog notes

This is a foster dog diary post.  New information will be added to the end of this post so all info is kept in one place and in chronological order.

Last Updated: March 27, 2017

Charlie and Joey’s History


My name is Charlie and I have a story to tell you.

My brother, Joey, and I are young: not even 8 months old. I lived in a pen with two male dogs, one of them my brother.

We didn’t have food bowls.  The people who took care of us threw food on the ground for us to compete over. We had minimal shelter  and our bellies hurt because we had worms.   Nobody gave us any love and little attention. They only looked at us from far away. They never opened the pen or cleaned it.  Some would say it was disgusting, but it was all we had known. Continue reading Charlie & Joey Steele – Foster dog notes

Ilo Steele:
Notes On A Rescue Dog

This is a foster dog diary post.  New information about Ilo will be added to the end of this post so all info on this dog is in one place and in chronological order.
Post last updated: April 10, 2017

IloIlo arrived March 7th.  That name is spelled eye – ell – oh, and pronounced “Ee-low”.  Ilo is a white Husky with blue eyes, he is around 1 year old and weighs (guessing here) around 50 pounds. He appears to be in good health.

Ilo’s History

Ilo was adopted locally as a puppy.  He spent most of his life on a chain in the yard.  He didn’t even have a collar: they just wrapped the chain around his neck and fastened it.  As a result he has a gray band around his neck that will be difficult to remove.  In time, that hair will shed out, so it will go away.  Eventually.

One of our rescue families talked that family into surrendering him.  Ilo is here for evaluation and training.  His shots are current.  He will be heartworm tested when he goes in for neutering on the 17th.
NOTE: That test came back negative, so he is now on a HW preventative to keep him safe.

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Notes On A Rescue Dog


Valentina Steele:
Notes on a rescue dog

This is a foster dog diary post.  Updates will be added to the end of this post to keep all information on Valentina in one place and in chronological order.

This post was last updated March 23, 2017

Valentina Fast Facts

  • Intake date: February 14, 2017
  • Breed: English Blue Tick Hound (likely full-blooded)
  • Sex: Female – unspayed, has welped at least a couple of times.
  • Age:  ??  Young ??
  • Intake weight: 47 pounds.
  • Health: Fair.  20 pounds underweight and severely dehydrated at intake, but no other issues apparent.  Valentina was innoculated and wormed at intake.
  • Temperament: Gentle, submissive, friendly.

Valentina’s History

Valentina was found, immobile, alongside a local road.  The woman who found her scooped her up, put her in the car, took her home, and cared for her for a day or two. Valentina had no collar.  That’s when Steele Away Home – Canine Foster and Rescue was called in to help her. Continue reading Valentina Steele:
Notes on a rescue dog


Spencer Steele:
Notes on a rescue dog

This is a foster dog diary post.  Updates will be added to the end of this post rather than as a myriad of separate posts so all information on Spencer is right here and in chronological order.  This should help potential adopters and rescues easily learn about this dog.

Last updated: February 20, 2017

SpencerSpencer Steele is a black Labrador mix.  Mixed with what is unknown: Mastiff?  Bear?  Clydesdale?  Something  big and sturdy!

He is 8 to 10 months old right now.  We have been told he is active.  Maybe too active.  That makes him hard to handle.  That makes him unadoptable.  So he’s coming to Piney Mountain for a little behavioral modification.

Spencer’s Background

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Notes on a rescue dog