Our Partners
in Canine Rescue

Piney Mountain Foster Care (Marie and Doug Bittinger ) provides foster home services to dogs in need of temporary housing, training, and medical recovery.  This is not a business in that we do not charge for our services.  P.M.F.C. is not a charity in that we are not registered as a 501(c)(3), however the organizations we foster for are 501(c)(3)s or government departments.  Donations to them are tax deductible and gratefully accepted to defray the cost of caring for these fur babies.  We also run fund-raising campaigns specifically to pay down rescue veterinarian bills through The Julian Fund.

Below are organizations that we deal with directly.  There are many more that we deal with indirectly through these agencies.


Steele Away Home – Canine Foster and Rescue

A foster home based rescue established in September 2016 and located in Newport, TN.  Each of their rescues are cared for by a loving foster family as they help them on their journey to a forever home.  In addition to saving as many lives as possible, they also hope to bring awareness to the need to have pets spayed and neutered to stop the cycle of the homeless animals.  Steele Away Home – Canine Foster and Rescue has been established in part to recognize and honor the work of Jenifer Parry Steele who has worked tirelessly since 2003 to save thousands of animals in Newport and Cocke County.

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Cedarwood Veterinary Hospital

Cedarwood has been our family veterinarian for years.  They began providing services to Steele Away Home in 2017.  P.M.F.C. has provided rehab/recovery care to orphaned dogs brought to Cedarwood for emergency medical attention.  NOTE: Cedarwood is not a non-profit, but if we have a dog that originated from Cedarwood, it usually been taken in by Steele Away Home.

The Newport Animal Control

N.A.C. no longer runs a “shelter” and does not accept owner surrenders, but they do try to adopt out unclaimed stray animals that are picked up and brought to their holding facility.

P.M.F.C. is providing day-camp training classes to select inmates at N.A.C. in hopes of getting them accepted by Universal K9 which trains pit bulls as police dogs.  N.A.C. has become a feeder agency for U-K9.

Steele Away Home does pull dogs from N.A.C. and some of those end up here for foster care.

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Humane Society of Jefferson County

Doug worked for H.S.J.C. for the first half of 2017 as a Kennel Technician.  While in their employ he personally pulled three dogs who were endangered: Josephine (who we ended up adopting), Julian (who became a Steele dog after his recovery), and Buddy the Oldie Goldie (who we placed directly with Tennessee Valley Golden Retriever Rescue).  We continue to support H.S.J.C.s efforts as much as we can.

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Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary

O.F.S.D.S. is a rescue service dedicated to senior dogs because Senior dogs, especially those with medical problems or disabilities, face a much greater chance of euthanasia at shelters than younger dogs because it is difficult to find adopters for them due to their shorter additional life expectancy and unknown veterinary costs.  They house some in their facility/home and Forever Foster some to volunteer foster homes within a 100 mile radius of their facility.  We are too far away to provide foster care for them, but we do support them financially and can occasionally help out with transporting dogs to them from a rescue situation.
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Tennessee Valley Golden Retriever Rescue

T.V.G.R.R. is a non-profit organization 501(c)(3) which relies totally on donations from adopters, friends, family, and all Golden lovers.  Each year TVGRR places approximately 150 Goldens and Golden Mixes in forever homes; which equates to approximately 2,700 dogs rescued since 1997.