Canine Rescue

Foster dog care
We are Doug and Marie and we live on 4+ acres of mountainside in Edwina Tennessee where we provide foster care to dogs.  Our specialty is caring for dogs going through heartworm treatment, but also take in those with other health problems, recovering from surgery,  or with behavior issues.  When adoptable, these dogs are transported to other rescues (mostly east coast) for adoption.  See the Canine Rescue Partners page for details.

Our Facility

Our facilities include a 1/3 acre fenced play yard, two 10′ x 10′ x 6′ chain link pens with roofs, deep pea gravel floors, dog houses, and raised beds for nice weather accommodations and a heated building with an assortment of crates for foul-weather accommodations of non-housebroken dogs.

For those concerned about penning dogs: the dog’s do not stay in the pens all the time.  Each dog gets multiple play/training sessions each day when they are allowed to run and play in our large, fenced yard.  The pens are to keep them safe between play sessions and we consider a 10′ x 10′, covered space equipped with comfort measures kinder to them than being crated indoors when we cannot be working with them.

Housebreaking is done in our own home.

Details of our Canine Rescue efforts have been moved >> HERE << See you there!