Blondie’s New Ride

Towels and newspaper headed for an animal rescue.

Well, it’s time.  Time to replace my truck.  The 1999 Chevy S10 pick-up I’ve been driving has almost 200,000 miles on it and it’s just time to get something younger.

We were thinking about getting another Subaru: a car, and abandoning the pick-up idea all together.  At first thought, I couldn’t remember much of anything I’ve hauled in the truck since I stopped building furniture for a living.  Now, I mostly haul dogs.  Having an SUV or cross-over with room for a couple of crates inside would solve the problems of hauling a dog (who is too wild to ride inside the cab with me) on real hot days, or bitter cold days, or in the rain.  But then I started to remember:

  • Those times I hauled firewood home for winter heating
  • Those times I hauled trash for Humane Society of Jefferson County
  • Those times I hauled 20-some bags of kibble for Newport Animal Shelter
  • Hauling supplies for Steele Away Home when they moved
  • Hauling away a large live animal trap for Helen
  • … and a few other times of doing favors for friends

No, having a pick-up has proven quite useful on many occasions, and is likely to do so in the future, given new things I’ve gotten into.  Besides, it is rumored that if a mountain man gives up his truck, he ends up eating kale pancakes and playing ice hockey.

Marie changed her search from a Subaru Legacy for herself so I could have her Forester, to a pick-up for me.  This was aided by the fact that she had already seen one that caught her eye.

While scanning the Imports & More web site, a 2003 GMC Sonoma stood up and waved at her.  It was as though an angel of God was standing behind her whispering in her ear, “Look at this one, even though you’re not looking at pick-ups now, look at this one.”  It was impressive.  And once she changed her search parameters, she knew right where to start.  We looked at others, but in the end, it was the Sonoma that drew us all the way to Lenoir City for a test drive.

new truckI won’t bore you with the details of our search  or the attributes of this truck, all that’s important, I’m sure, is that Blondie again has reliable transportation for her weekly trash run and occasional veterinarian visit.  And I have a dependable transporter-of-all-things.  We paid cash for it so we’re not in debt over this upgrade, just skinnied down on emergency/retirement funds for a while.

One other issue we want to address is the acquisition of an aluminum truck cap to enclose the bed of the truck.  That will protect crated dogs from interstate speed winds, winter cold, summer sun, and rain.  By going aluminum it will be easy to take off if I need to haul a piano or something.  Fiberglass caps are awful heavy for one old fart to moose around by himself!

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