Snoopy typingI’m always happy to receive relevant comments and feedback from my readers. All spam will be completely and pointedly ignored.

E-MAIL –  me at

SNAIL MAIL – If you are sending physical objects (like a box of brownies) send them to:
Doug Bittinger      1198 Piney Mountain Road      Newport TN     37821
(Note that we are NOT actually in Newport, we’re in the mountain-side community of Edwina, but the Newport PO delivers our mail so they force us to adopt them for addressing of mail.)

DROP ON BY – Visitors are welcome but it is best to arrange a date and time to be sure I am here and not in the middle of something I’d rather not interrupt… and so I can secure the vicious, horrible, man-eating dogs.  If you decide to just pop by while I’m gardening, for example (and are not eaten by the dogs), expect to be handed a hoe and be put to work while we talk. 🙂