Shiloh and House-Training

Cochise, on DST
Cochise tells the tale

Shiloh is a good kid and I liked her right off.  So when HairyFace decided to start house-training her after being here only a couple of weeks, I gave my approval.  As long as he teaches her that inside play is NOT the same as outside play.  She likes to sprint and tussle with Julian and Josephine out in the yard.  That won’t fly in MY house!  But Hairy knows that.

Shiloh wants inShe was eager to get started and often hung out by the back door hoping to be invited inside.

As usual he started house-training by bringing her in and straight into a wire crate. Continue reading “Shiloh and House-Training”

Blondie Joins the Fun

Cochise, on DST
Cochise tells the tale

Blondie Bear has been feeling poorly for the past few months: she has the itchies real bad.  She’s gone to see Dr. Sandra a couple of times.  Dr. Sandra gave HairyFace some medicine for Blondie: that helped the itchies but made her sleepy.  Now that the problem is clearing up and Blondie isn’t spending all her time either scratching or sleeping, she is getting to be her spunky self again.  And that means she can be trouble for me sometimes. Continue reading “Blondie Joins the Fun”

Josie’s Midnight Con

The dogtor is in

Josie Bean has taken it in her mind that if she gets me up anywhere between 2:00 am and 4:00 am and goes outside that I should give her a stick-treat.  We are in the habit of giving stick-treats to good dogs who go outside after they get up so they are “safe” to let run loose in the house.  But that is after We the People get up, not whenever they decide they need a snack.  She’s trying to con me: and it’s not the first time. Continue reading “Josie’s Midnight Con”

Instruction for the Persecuted Church

The Apostle Paul’s first letter to the church at Thessalonica was primarily to assure them that believers who died before Jesus returned would be taken up, and to answer some questions.  This was needed because when the Jewish leaders learned that Paul was teaching in this city, they incited the gentile population, persecuted the church, and drove Paul and his traveling companions out before they could teach the Thessalonians much about living as a believer.

persecutedThey left behind a fledgling church.  It was not uncommon for Paul to spend 2 or 3 years teaching a newly planted church how to live as followers of The Way (Christians) but he didn’t get that chance this time.  Before fleeing, Paul appointed the men with the strongest faith to be leaders over the new congregation and promised to return as soon as was possible.

Outsiders were attempting to infiltrate the young church and turn them from the Gospel, so Paul wrote to them to answer the allegations being made and to encourage the church to stand strong in faith: to test new teaching against the scripture, to trust their leaders.

In chapter 5:14-15 Paul says, Continue reading “Instruction for the Persecuted Church”

Aaannd … it’s DONE!

DougFor the past … oh … year or so, I’ve been working on a garden upgrade project.  The entire thing has been chronicled on Grit Magazine’s web site starting with Part 1  (then click the [NEWER] links at the bottom of each episode to step through the entire series). Feel free to click that link to go read all about it, if you have any interest at all.  Make sure you have a beverage handy.  And a sandwich. The six parts posted so far can take a while to read through, but they’re chock full of tips and advice on doing this.

Mega Garden Box

Today, Julian the Boxer and I completed this project.

Well, almost. Continue reading “Aaannd … it’s DONE!”

Doors and Canine Rites of Passage

Cochise, on DST, doors
Cochise tells the tale

Peoples love doors.

They have doors EVERYWHERE.  But doors get in the way of us doggers.  Most of the time, we cannot open these doors and must “request” assistance from the Peoples if we are to pass through.  So we learn signals to alert the Peoples of our need.

I bark.  Just once.  Loud and sharp.  Blondie Bear scratches on the metal part of the door.  We teach these signals to our paduan learner foster dogs, they choose which they prefer.  Or … come up with something of their own.  Many start out with sitting on the porch staring at the door, willing it to open.

That doesn’t work. Continue reading “Doors and Canine Rites of Passage”

Stihl FS40C String Trimmer First Use and Review

DougI recently wrote about my adventure in trimmer shopping, this is the follow-up to that piece as a review of my new Stihl FS40C string trimmer.

Stumbling Start

Testing was delayed by the fact that I didn’t have a 1 gallon gas can.  I have several 2 gallon cans, and one is a can into which I pump precisely 2 gallons of gas for use in my 2-stroke equipment.  I have some gas/oil mixed up but that’s a 40:1 mix for my older tools.  The Stihl FS40C string trimmer, uses a 50:1 mix.

I bought a 6-pack of synthetic oil for the Stihl, each bottle mixes with one gallon of gasoline.  I figured I’d use that can of new gas and two bottles of oil and be all set to fire up and see what it can do.  But the manual, and some commentary on-line, talk about the need to use the gas/oil mix within 30 days or it begins to decompose and using degraded gas/oil can void the extended warranty (4 years) Stihl offers.  In fact, in reading the warranty there are several ways they try to get out of paying for repairs during that second two year period.

So I popped down to the closest hardware store and bought a 1 gallon gas can, mixed in the Stihl oil and filled the trimmer’s gas tank. Continue reading “Stihl FS40C String Trimmer First Use and Review”

Trimmer Trippin’

I’ve been toying with the idea of replacing our string trimmer.  I have a 5 year Poulon Pro string trimmerold Poulon Pro that hasn’t needed anything more that the usual maintenance and upkeep until this year.  I have replaced several major parts on it lately and it continues to find new and inventive ways to avoid doing its job. I’ve considered taking it to a repair shop to have it “rebuilt” but with their labor rates and parts prices, replacing it will (most likely) be cheaper.  This is not an expensive trimmer.

I’ve been looking at string trimmers, comparing features, prices, and reviews. The reviews are the really amazing part.  In most cases users either love or hate all of them, regardless of brand, and the reviews are posted with the vast majority being either 4 and 5 stars or 1 star: very little in between.  I wonder if it’s really that black and white (you either get a good one or a bad one) or if people are getting too emotional in their reactions. Continue reading “Trimmer Trippin’”

What Manner of Ministry?

Ministry is an often misunderstood word. To some it is synonymous with “preaching”, and is little else. While sharing the good news of the Gospel with those in need of it is part of a life of ministry, it goes beyond that. The Biblical meaning of “ministry” is “service”.

ministry, service, lifeIn most cases the New Testament word translated as “ministry” is “diakonia” (Strongs 1248), which refers to “domestic duties” not religious teaching or ceremony which is the word “leitourgia” (3009). The exact meaning depends on the context of its use but in general it means the rendering of aid to another, the way a waiter/waitress serves a customer, an aid serves an officer or administrator, or a soldier serves his or her country. Continue reading “What Manner of Ministry?”

Canine Fostering: What It Is and How It Works

Before I get started, let me just say that what I’m about to say will also apply to fostering other animals: cats, rabbits, horses, guinea pigs, whatever.  I do canine fostering, have for a long time, so that’s the soap box I’ll stand on to pontificate.

What Is Canine Fostering?

fostering, rescue, canine, dog, JosephineFostering is the short term care of an animal you don’t own.  Programs vary: some will provide everything you could need: equipment, bedding, food, medications, everything.  Some provide only veterinary care.  Most are somewhere in between these.  Before joining a fostering program ask what is provided to you and what you need to cover.  Get it in writing.

Purposes of Fostering

There are four main flavors, or purposes, of fostering programs: Continue reading “Canine Fostering: What It Is and How It Works”