Fine, Just Fine

I inwardly cringe as I walk up the steps to the door.  Just inside I am met by a large fellow with a round, ruddy face.  He smiles broadly, “Well hey there, Doug, how you doing?” and sticks his hand out.  I wonder for a moment what would happen if I told him how I’m doing – but immediately dismiss that.  I’ve seen it before. I’d tell him about my concern and that would open the door to a rebuttal involving a litany of atrocities that make my ailments seem penny-ante indeed. So I shake his hand and say, “Fine, just fine.”  I deliberately leave off the expected, “and you?”  We will just leave that door closed.   We smile at one another and move in divergent directions.

This exchange is repeated a half-dozen times before I locate a spot that is the slack-water of the room where I can be present, but out of the way.  Not hiding, but not easily accessible either. Continue reading Fine, Just Fine

Buddy Wingo the Beagle

The De-Bageling of Buddy the Beagle Boy

Almost three months ago this sweet, loving, senior Beagle was attacked by three large dogs and torn to shreds.  The skilled hands at Cedarwood Veterinary Hospital stitched him back together, with little hope that he would survive.  But survive he did!

The last of his injuries to heal up has been a triangular patch on his rump where the skin was torn away and lost.

Click the thumbnails to enlarge each picture

Outline shows original missing skin.

Scar tissue cutting in under granulation (lump).

After granulation removed

Progress by October 10th.

All of the time since he came out of surgery, he has been wearing an e-collar: Cedarwood used a cone, but we switched to an inflatable Kong collar when he came here for recovery care. Continue reading The De-Bageling of Buddy the Beagle Boy

Here’s the Thing

The thing is that I don’t know enough about the thing to be able to quantify the thing well enough to discuss it accurately. Not that anyone cares about that; so many people spout off about so much without knowing much of anything about that thing.

Knowing what one was talking about would require the acquisition of facts. Who has time for that? Facts are anachronistic: relics from a bygone era when people cared about truth. No one cares about facts now. No one cares about truth now.  What matters now is how the thing makes you feel. Emotions are what rule our society now that The Enlightened have taken over.

Those who become indignant when The Enlightened burn homes and loot businesses of innocent bystanders because someone said or did something that upset The Enlightened, are knuckle-dragging bigots, bent on hauling society back into the caves of law, order, and morality.

And that’s the thing.

Sylvia’s Dust-up

Cochise, on DST
Cochise tells the tale

Sylvia is a Shar Pei mix.  Shar Peis have a reputation for  belligerence if not handled properly.  Add to that a history of having come from a hoarding situation.   She came into rescue and foster care as a scared, confused dog.  Her first foster home helped her get past the fear and some of her aggression.

When she started visiting here, she would wander our play yard with a mixture of us dogs in the yard with her, and she was fine with all of us.  She basically just ignored us as she went about sniffing and peeing on everything.

When she moved in to live here and got settled, she started thinking of this less as a park and more as home — and she got a bit territorial.  But, Blondie Bear was the only one she really had any issue with — and we never figured out why.  Blondie IS a mentor and Play Yard Trainer, but is the sweetest, most gentle girl you could ever meet.

But Sylvia started out with some dominance challenges:

… and moved on to open hostility.  When Blondie would walk past Sylvia’s pen Sylvie would charge the fencing and get really nasty.  Blondie would simply roll her eyes and move off.

But, the Peoples did make it a policy to not let Blondie and Sylvia be in the yard together anymore.  They even made up a little sign to put on the door if one of them had Sylvie out in the yard.  Sylvie could be out with ANYONE else (and we had a bunch in the months Sylvie has been living here) just not Blondie Bear.

But, one afternoon, Blondie got let out while Sylvia was having her pre-dinner run time — and it got ugly fast.

Sylvia started the fight by jumping on Blondie’s back and attempting to grab her neck.  But, for a big girl, Blondie has some ninja-like moves!  She reversed the hold, got Sylvia by her collar, and started scooting her backward to keep Sylvia off balance.

The Hidden Danger of a Dog Fight

Us dogs are very much like Peoples in that each of us has our own personality.  Some are easy-going and laid back, some are competitive.  Most of the time, most of us, don’t want trouble.  But if someone pushes our buttons just the wrong way … we too can explode in anger or fear.

If a fight breaks out between two or more the rest of us tend to get in on it: and we often don’t know what the fight is about, we’re just hard-wired to get in the fight.  But not all of us are that way.  Some will run.  And some are like Blondie.

Blondie Referees

Over the years since I came here to help HairyFace and NiceLady run Piney Mountain Foster Care, we have had LOTS of foster dogs.  In order to socialize them and teach them good behavior in groups, we have to have at least two dogs in the play yard at the same time.  Sometimes, we’ve had as many as 6 in the yard at once.  The more dogs who are interacting, the more likely one will aggravate another.  We have had several dog fights break out.  One or two were free-for-alls that got scary.

Blondie Bear looking fit.Blondie and I each have our own way to help Hairy break up a fight.  Blondie grabs one combatant by the collar and drags him or her out of the fray.  At a powerful 90 pounds, she can do that!  What is unique is that she goes for the collar, not their neck.  That’s what she did this time.  Unfortunately, the collar came unfastened, then she had to grab Sylvie by the scruff of her neck.


When Hairy got there with the hose, Blondie was still scooting Sylvia backwards.  Sylvia was screaming and hollering: her attempt to establish dominance over Blondie had gone horribly wrong and now she was expecting to die.

Hairy separated them and got between them in case either one wanted to continue hostilities.  They didn’t.  NiceLady herded Sylvia back to her pen, Hairy held onto Blondie until it was safe to let her go, then took her inside.

Neither Peoples got hurt.  Blondie was not hurt.  Sylvia got a bit banged up, but nothing too serious … as far as Hairy could tell.


Sylvia went back to being terrified of everyone for a day or two.  She hid in her dog house, and screamed if HairyFace tried to approach her.  And he did try, just to assess whether she needed to go to the vet — which would be hard since she wasn’t letting anyone near her.  He could see she sustained a bite to her leg, and he suspected her neck-skin was bruised.

Hairy called Amy to let her know what happened and to request some antibiotic pills.  She wasn’t going to let him get close enough to dress her wounds for a while.

Sylvia warmed up again to NiceLady first (because Lady had not been involved in breaking up the fight or taking Blondie’s side).  At first she’d lick Lady’s hand, but not allow touching, by the next day Lady could pet her head, but not touch her elsewhere.  A couple of days later, Sylvia repeated the process with Hairy.  So she will get past this.

At this point, Hairy may pet her head, but not touch her leg wound.  But the Doxycycline is preventing infection and it’s sealing over, so she will be okay.

And, Sylvia has not said word one to Blondie Bear when Blondie is out in the yard and comes near her pen.  Perhaps Sylvia has learned a little humility.

UPDATE: Oct. 11, 2017

It has been several weeks since this incident and everything is back to normal.  Sylvia again is friendly and trusting of both Peoples and most dogs … but not Blondie Bear: that issue continues as it was before the dust-up.

Revocable Salvation

salvation There is a school of thought (or church doctrine) which claims that if a Christian messes up they have to go back and get saved again, starting over from square one.  And if you drift away from the faith your salvation is revoked and you’re toast.

This thought is based upon Hebrews 6:4-6.  Let’s take a look at that.

For it is impossible for those who were once enlightened, and have tasted the heavenly gift, and have become partakers of the Holy Spirit, and have tasted the good word of God and the powers of the age to come, if they fall away,[a] to renew them again to repentance, since they crucify again for themselves the Son of God, and put Him to an open shame.

When we look at this passage alone, it would seem to support the doctrine of revocable salvation.  Churches that hold this idea as a cornerstone of their denominational doctrine point to Hebrews 3:12-14 and 2 Peter 2:20-22 as support for this thought.  But it is always dangerous to pull a passage out of Scripture and wave it around to make a point.  In fact, there are four doctrinal teachings on this passage.  In addition to the one above, we have: Continue reading Revocable Salvation

scrambled eggs and bacon

Buddy Wingo’s Big Bacon Score

Cochise, on bacon
Cochise tells the tale

HairyFace was in the food room fixing bacon and eggs for breakfast because it was breakfast time and the food room is where Peoples fix food.  Usually.  Sometimes NiceLady fixes food in the picture-box watching room using the box of fire in the wall.  But that’s only when it’s cold, and only on occasion.

We like bacon and eggs.  He gives each of us a little on our kibbles when the Peoples get bacon and eggs for breakfast.  Hairy was by the food-cooker-thing.  He pealed off a few strips of bacon and put them on the flat pan.  He set the rest of the bacon aside while he poured egg stuff into the pan with sides.  NiceLady was by the food vault at the other end of the counter, doing something.  She opened the food vault door.

Hairy turned to put the rest of the brand new package of bacon back into the food vault, but it wasn’t where he left it.  He assumed Lady had put it away for him since she was in there.  He went back to cooking. Continue reading Buddy Wingo’s Big Bacon Score

pit bull

Pit Bulls We Loved Before They Were Feared

According to, Jodi Preis of Bless the Bullys, a non-profit rescue and education effort in Tennessee, introduced the idea of National Pit Bull Awareness Day in 2007 and it took off like wildfire.  Now, the entire month of October is known as National Pit Bull Awareness Month, while devotees of pit bulls recognize October 27th across the country as National Pit Bull Awareness Day.

pit bulls
Am. Pit Bull Terrier

National Pit Bull Awareness Day (NPBAD) is a day of appreciation and education designed to change perceptions and stereotypes about pit bulls and their responsible owners.  NPBAD was established to educate and foster positive communications and experiences in the communities in which we and our dogs live, and it is an initiative dedicated to restoring the image of the American Pit Bull Terrier.

It is well known that pit bulls, and pit-mixes, are at the current target of breed specific legislation, discrimination, and negative bias among the nation’s media and government.  Despite continued efforts by supporters, much of the general public is overwhelmingly misinformed about the breed and hold to a fear-filled image created by humans who exploit the dogs, not the breed itself. Continue reading Pit Bulls We Loved Before They Were Feared

Booker: No Longer the Bounding Basher

When Booker arrived here he was a 70 pound puppy with no training or discipline at all.   He’s friendly and happy, and playful, but had no concept of how big he is.  As a result, he’d jump up on me, inadvertently leaving claw marks, and knocking me off balance.  Fortunately I am still able to stand up to that.

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been working with him to instill some basic dog/people etiquette.  That is coming along well. Continue reading Booker: No Longer the Bounding Basher

The Rise of the Brotherhood of the Beagle

Cochise, on DST
Cochise tells the tale

Buddy Beagle has to wear an e-collar to keep him from licking wounds.  Josie Beagle is playful and inventive.

It didn’t take Josie long to decide the velcro strap that holds Buddy’s e-collar closed made a good toy to tug on, especially since the velcro unzipping makes a wonderful ripping sound.

So one afternoon, HairyFace went out to the yard to check on The Beagles and was shocked to find: Continue reading The Rise of the Brotherhood of the Beagle

Buddy Wingo

Buddy-Wingo’s Lumpectomy

Cochise, on DST
Cochise tells the tale

Our pal, Buddy Wingo went to Cedarwood Veterinary Hospital this morning for a follow-up appointment.

honey as a topical antibiotic
The wound when he arrived here.

He’s had a hemispherical lump growing in the gash that HairyFace has been tending. The gash was healing nicely: skin closing over the exposed flesh, no infection (thanks to a honey of a new treatment).  By this morning just a small crack was left and the lump standing proud.  We all hoped the skin would climb up over the lump and the lump would eventually be reabsorbed into his body.  But that wasn’t happening.  In fact, the skin was digging in under the lump.

Continue reading Buddy-Wingo’s Lumpectomy