Doug Bittinger

So … who is this guy?




For over 30 years I’ve been a dedicated woodworker. Initially as an amateur building things, mostly small furniture, for myself and friends. Then as a part time professional: which means people were paying me for the work I did. In 1999 I took it full time and have been self-employed ever since.

For the majority of that time I specialized in custom designed, hand crafted solid hardwood furniture. One of a kind pieces. I have a portfolio of some of these on our Facebook page, if you’d care to see them. When the economy tanked I turned to making a select number of our most popular pieces as “stock” items. I also turned more to the other skills listed below for income. I no longer do custom work because my time is so spoken for that I cannot get this kind or work done in the time frame people expect. Woodworking is a part-time endeavor for me now. You can see what we are offering at Smoky Mountain Woodworks.


I began writing as a hobby quite young. Most of that wasn’t worth showing anyone, but it was a start. I was a voracious reader, and reading great books inspired me to try my hand. Creative writing classes in high school helped. After I graduated I ended up working with two publishing companies. One printed a large metropolitan newspaper and distributed books and magazines. The second printed 3 newspapers, several magazines and did some vanity press book publishing. It was here that I broke into writing professionally. One of the computer magazines they printed accepted many articles from me and asked me to write a book. I did, they got it traditionally published and I’ve been writing at least part time ever since.

I have self-published two more books since then, and I have had hundreds of articles published in magazines, eZines, and blogs. A partial listing of these publications is available on the About page. I currently have steady gigs writing for Keep America Beautiful, and Grit Magazine On-line.

If you have need of a journalistic writer for your company or organization, I’d be happy to talk to you about your needs.

Web Site Designer

Long ago I fell in with a gang of game developers. I never got into coding up games, but I did teach myself to hand code HTML web sites, and I built sites for these gamers to use in promoting and hosting their games. Since moving to the mountains I have built dozens of web sites for local businesses, organizations and churches. These days I can work with HTML, PHP templates, some Java scripting, and am quite good with the WP Platform. If you are looking for a basic web site, check out the examples I offer at my Web Designs site.

Radio/Podcast Production

From 2010 until 2014 I took on the role of producer of the By Faith Not By Sight radio program that airs on WGSN 90.7 FM every Sunday evening. This work involves writing a portion of the script, announcing, cutting and splicing sound files, and mixing background tracks behind vocals. I use a Yeti studio microphone and Wavepad software. The resulting files can be saved as CD quality files or reduced to 96 mbps mp3 files for qood quality on-line listening without the need for buffering on most broadband connections.

If you have an interest in audio broadcasting, and need an editor/producer, give me a yell. To check out some of my work go to By Faith Not By Sight Radio

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