Writing Services

Corporate Content. If your business or organization is in need of brochures, leaflets, or books, we can work with you to produce professionally written copy to enhance your reputation.  We can produce the copy, work up a lay-out, and arrange for the printing - we will do as much or as little as you require.

Web Content Whether you are setting up a new web site, revamping and old one or adding a blog to provide interactivity with your customers and attractiveness to search engines, we can produce professionally written copy to present your company or organization in the best light.

Ghost Writing / Collaboration Do you have an amazing story to tell but lack the writing skill to tell it as well as it deserves to be told?  We can help by ghost writing or collaborating with you on your book.

Ghost writing means we write the story for you, but the end result is published under your name alone and you keep all proceeds.  We will work on a flat per-word fee based on the final manuscript.  Collaboration means we will work as co-authors with you and share in the credit (and profits) from the book.  No up-front fees are required, but we will decide if we think the book is commercially viable.


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