Publication Price List

Piney Mountain Press offers a variety of publication options, including all formats of eBooks: PDF, Kindle, ePub are the most popular but we can also produce RTF, TXT and HTML if desired. We also work directly with a printer to produce Print On Demand (POD) books that eliminate the high up-front cost of traditional Vanity Press companies.

All prices assume a completed manuscript in MS Word (.doc or .docx) format.  Editing and proofreading are separate services.  Publication includes cleaning the manuscript, converting the manuscript to the proper format and submitting to the distributor.  Print On Demand distribution may involve added costs from the printer depending on your requirements.

Clean manuscript & convert to one distributors format and submit: $75.00

Convert a clean manuscript to an additional distributors format and submit: $35.00

Cleaning a manuscript removes errant control codes that will botch your book when submitted to a distributor for publication. Amazon-Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords each have their own submissions standards and required format. Cleaning it is the difficult part, converting to additional formats after it's been cleaned, goes more quickly.

Prepare manuscript for submission to Print On Demand printer: $0.50/page

This is a difficult process that requires some discussion with you concerning page size, paper type, fonts, and special lay-outs.  Fees are based on formatted pages.

Convert and embed photo/illustration: $0.50 each

There are some limitations on what can be done with photographs in e-books. Also, elements such as tables and graphs must be converted to images to be sure they display properly.