Publication Services

Smoky Mountain Word Works offers a variety of publication options, including all formats of eBooks: PDF, Kindle, ePub are the most popular but we can also produce RTF, TXT and HTML if desired. We also work directly with a printer to produce Print On Demand (POD) books that eliminate the high up-front cost of traditional Vanity Press companies.

We do not pretend to be a full service publishing company, as many services do. We offer assistance to busy writers who lack the time and knowledge to self-publish their work themselves. If you need a graphic artist to design an elaborate cover, or want a professional book designer for a POD book, we can put you in touch with good ones. You will work directly with them and pay them directly. We will not, as many do, farm out that work then inflate their bill as it is passed along to you. Our specialty is formatting and submitting the text of your manuscript for successful conversion into an eBook. We can assist you with a basic cover design, editing, formatting and submission to the major eBook sellers.

You may ask, "Can I do this work myself?" The answer is yes, you can.  In fact we can sell you a book that explains the entire process.  But we find that most busy writers prefer to focus on their writing, not on learning the procedures and techniques that are required to successfully submit a self-published manuscript.  If you want to do part of the job yourself, cover design for example, we are happy to work with you in providing just the services you need and want.  We will not pressure you to buy an expensive "package" deal.

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