Editing Services

Piney Mountain Press offers proofreading, light editing and manuscript format conversion services to insure your eBook or POD book will be of the highest possible quality.

You may e-mail your manuscript to us in Microsoft Word or plain text format. We will proofread and edit the manuscript and send it back to you with the term "edited" added to the file name.  We advise that you keep your draft copy for comparison.


$1.00 per standard manuscript page. (8.5 x 11 page, 1.5 inch margins left and right, lines double spaced)


  1. It is best to e-mail us before sending your manuscript
  2. Send us your manuscript as Word or text file.
  3. We will format the file to manuscript standards
  4. We will count the pages and bill you the appropriate fees
    (Billing and payments are handled through PayPal)
  5. Upon receipt of your payment, the editing is performed
  6. Your manuscript is returned to you upon completion.
  7. We ask that you inspect the manuscript before we process it further.