Writing for Profit or Pleasure: Where to Publish Your Work

Cover-3DWhether you write for income or for the joy of it, whether you aspire to write on-line or for print, this book has a wealth of information to help you find and secure publication.  Writing for Profit or Pleasure; Where to Publish Your Work, is 146 print pages, 30,000 words of concise, insightful information about where and how writers can achieve publication of their writings.

Available as eBook and paperback through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Createspace.  Author page: http://DougBittinger.com

Free excerpts from this book have appeared on blogs and in eZines around the internet :
Marketing a Book – Where to Start
Selling a Book to Publishers: Groundwork
Using Word to Compress Images
Changing MS Word’s Default Format
Writing for – Magazines_E-Zines
Writing for  – Kindle Your Blog
Writing for  – Blogging
Writing for – Online Communal Publishers
Writing for – Where to Publish

Chapters included in the book are:

Chapter 1 Overview –  What Are Your Publication Options?
Chapter 2 Online Communal Publishers
Chapter 3 Blogging
Chapter 4 Kindle Your Blog
Chapter 5 Magazines and EZines
Chapter 6 Formatting for eBook Conversion
Chapter 7 Kindle EBook
Chapter 8 Formatting for ePub
Chapter 9 Publishing a PDF Book
Chapter 10 Using a Vanity Press
Chapter 11 Getting in with Legacy Book Publishers
Chapter 12 Writing for Article Brokers
Chapter 13 Writing for Newspapers

Allan Douglas has been writing and publishing through a variety of venues since the late 1970’s.  His first commercially published book came in 1984.   A full listing of his writing career is available at his web site/blog:  Random Thoughts

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13 thoughts on “Writing for Profit or Pleasure: Where to Publish Your Work”

  1. April 27, 2011 at 5:44 pm — Mike from Alabama says:

    Although this wasn’t a book that would normally interest me, since I’m not a writer, blogger, etc., it still kept me engaged while reading it. I think that somebody who IS a writer and looking to get something published will really enjoy this book! I really only have two comments of things that stood out to me:

    Page 124 – “If you’re going to stick a foot in their door, make sure it’s your best looking foot.” I LOVE THAT!!!

    Page 33 – “Kindle blogs may be the ultimate long-tail phenomenon.” I had absolutely NO idea what that meant and had to Bing it. Then again, I’m not exactly up-to-date with blogging slang and phrases, so that might not be a bad thing. But it did make me stop reading for a minute, say, “Huh?!?” before I could continue on.

    So, bottom line for me – if I was ever to write something and want to publish it, this is a great guide on how to do so. I believe you’ve got a winner here! GOOD LUCK!!

  2. Posted to The Write Stuff and Amazon.com: July 5th 2011

    A Great How-To by a True Pro!
    Writing for Profit or Pleasure: Where to Publish Your Work will prove an indispensable asset to anyone seeking to enter the world of publication. After guiding you to the best means of publication for your purposes, Allan Douglas uses 30 years of experience as a freelance writer to explain step by step how to deal with all the technical concerns of getting your work out there. Whether you need to know how to create your own blog, how to format and upload a book or article to one of the many prominent web publication services, or simply how to contact a prominent editor/agent at one of those fancy publishing houses or newspapers, this book will keep you from looking like a novice and making non-common sense mistakes that could otherwise cost you credibility and success.
    Besides all that, the book is extremely enjoyable to read. Allan has a very professional and cordial tone that pervades his work. The book itself, which is extremely concise, can be read in just a few sittings. Utilizing graphs and screen shots, you will gain a very complete technical understanding of the process of writing a book in Microsoft Word or creating your own blog. If it’s in his table of contents, you can do it!
    Perhaps most importantly, this book will explain how to bring awareness to your work by snowflaking, or leaving smaller posts on various forums that point others to your main work. Allan clearly demonstrates how this should be done so that you don’t develop a reputation as a “spam slinging alien lifeform,” but instead become actively engaged in the publication communities that are pertinent to your own, thereby being accepted into them and not marked as someone out for personal gain.
    Allan’s opinion about becoming rich overnight is very clear. His attitude toward everything, in his own words, is this: “I will not try to tell you how to do what I am not doing myself.” This is a book for serious people with serious intentions. That being said, his book has convinced me that with some years of involvement in the publication community, your work can gain real worth! Ultimately, Writing for Profit or Pleasure: Where to Publish Your Work will enable you to enter the complex realm of publication respectably, growing your name as a writer and establishing yourself in the industry. So kick back, pop open a bottle of root-beer, and begin your journey as a published author with Allan Douglas’ Writing for Profit or Pleasure: Where to Publish Your Work.
    5 July 2011
    Chris Stanfill

  3. From Amazon.com
    By Justin –
    This review is from: Writing for Profit or Pleasure: Where to Publish Your Work (Kindle Edition)
    I’m very happy with this book.
    Honest information without the get rich hype.
    Useful up to date information.
    I have spent a lot more money and received a lot less information from other books.
    If your an aspiring writer, hit the buy button and save yourself a lot of frustration.

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  5. Mystery Author S. Furlong-Bolliger @foulplayauthor said via Twitter:

    @allandouglasdgn- Got your book & got motivated! Sent out 3 non-fiction proposals and 1 was already accepted! #Gratitude

  6. Review posted on Amazon.com
    A Must Have For Every Writer June 26, 2012
    By susan furlong-bolliger
    Format:Paperback|Amazon Verified Purchase
    I purchased WRITING FOR PROFIT OR PLEASURE because I was looking for freelance writing tips. I was surprised to find that this book not only covered freelance writing, but so much more. I especially enjoyed the chapters on blogging for money, content writing, and e-book formatting. This book is a keeper! I read it cover to cover and have frequently returned to it to reference several topics. The author presents a wide range of writing topics in an organized and easy-to-understand method. WRITING FOR PROFIT OR PLEASURE is a valuable resource for any writer. Highly recommended!”

  7. Posted to Amazon.com
    Great Book Publishing Guide For Beginners, September 4, 2012
    By Norman Morrison “Norm” (Cowchip/AL)

    This review is from: Writing for Profit or Pleasure: Where to Publish Your Work (Kindle Edition)
    Short version: I highly recommend this book, particularly for you if you’re beginning your research into getting published, electronically or otherwise.

    Longer version: I’m rating Alan’s book with five stars because I’m of the mind that unless a book is junk, it rates five stars. Should I decide that it gets even a star less, rather than give the author a crummy review I’ll contact the author if possible and give him my review with recommendations. A LOT of work goes into producing a book!

    Mr. Douglas does not disappoint.

    There are about 15 buhzillion books on writing available, starting from about 3000 BC, so what makes this one worth your hard earned money?

    First, at the price, why not? The price isn’t a factor. More important is your time. This will be a quick first read with plenty of material that applies directly to your situation to revisit to re-read carefully and apply.

    This book is best for folks who may be thinking of publishing a book, but, like me, not so long ago, are starting from square one. It’s for beginners.
    From that standpoint it ought to be sitting dog eared on a shelf in every hometown library. I surely would have loved to have had it in my grubby paws as a youngster writing my first piece for hopeful publication.

    I would say about 3/4th of the book is involved with giving the new author the tools to publish to electronic format like Kindle. Then, along with that, all the other publishing modes are covered from the vanity press to a sure enough hide bound edition. Douglas even discusses how to get a writing gig at the local news rag. He did it. I did it. You can too! Seeing your byline is FUN!

    What the book is, is a guide to publishing. What it is not is a guide to how to write. Naturally, before attempting to write the next great whatever for publication, one must do the homework to understand how to compose the text.

    In the matter of formatting those words correctly for publication Alan’s book shines.

    As with many books of this nature, while designed for the total newbie, there are many nuggets for established writers as well. For example, how much do you know about copyright law and such? It’s explained in the book.

    There was one thing I was wondering, since this book was published in 2011, I know Amazon’s publishing methods change over time. About 2/3rds of the way through his book, I found this: “A book such as this one will need to be updated regularly as the processes the book covers change.”

    So, I’m assuming that when you buy, you’re getting the latest information. I couldn’t fault anything that I read. That is, with my limited general and specific knowledge I couldn’t find anything that contradicted what I have learned to date from some pretty intense research. The book is a great time saver.

    Therefore, especially, if you are thinking of jumping into the world of the published writer, this is a good all around primer for the purpose. It will save you a LOT of time hopping around Google looking for answers. Douglas already did that for you, along with his obvious personal professionalism on the topic of publishing.

    And, this is important. This book covers a lot of topics, even to blogging, including some things the beginner might not even know exists. Being made aware of something new will allow you to go do your own good research to expand your writer’s horizon.

    My only um hmm? The title, “Writing For Profit Or Pleasure.”

    To the new writer, I say, write for fun, but don’t write for free. The only true measure of success is shekels in your pocket. If someone thinks your stuff is good enough to pay to read it, then you’re a real writer! Leave that writing strictly for pleasure stuff to your kid sister and her diary! Ha!

    Lastly, unlike yours truly, Douglas isn’t in love with his own writing. There’s little fluff. It’s 99% meat. Get it. Love it. Live it! Expand your writing career with it.

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