Legend of the Stone Breaker

Legend of the Stone BreakerThis book contains techniques from a series of lectures given by Dr. Netherland in his world travels between the years of 1994 and 2006.  Dr. Netherland makes extensive use of the teaching form called doka, direct teaching from master to disciple using poetic form of haiku and waka.  This is the core of the ancient way.

By: Dr. Dan Netherland

About the Author

Dr. Dan Netherland, 10th Dan , Kinami-Ryu Aiki Bujutsu . Is an internationally acclaimed martial artist with 60+ years training experience. He is a veteran police captain and swat team commander. He is best known as the undisputed world power Breaking champion. Holding Multiple Guinness world records as well as World Record Federation Records. He has been designated a living legend by the official United States martial arts Hall of Fame and the prestigious European martial arts Hall of Fame. As an author, what he writes about he has lived, knowing the depth of culture and combat. The genre of his work includes combat, sociology, philosophy, poetry and action adventure.

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