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Chronicles of Chaos: The Tengu Scrolls

chronicles of chaosFirst in the chronology of The Tengu Scrolls, this epic saga of beauty and chaos is steeped in the antiquity of Japanese mythology.  Legendary creatures, a Samurai host, and venerated masters all play their parts in this timeless myth of cosmic revenge.  Looming throughout the chaos is the emerging presence of an invincible warrior.

By: Dr. Dan Netherland Continue reading Chronicles of Chaos: The Tengu Scrolls

Imagine That!

CoverA collection of short stories for young children who enjoy imagination and adventure. Stories include:

  • The Great Egg Drop: James has a school science project: dropping an egg off the school roof – and not breaking it.
  • The Trouble With Birds: Jake finds an injured bird and nurses it to health, bu releasing it back to the wild leads to a grand adventure!
  • Too Much Soup: Gus, Jody, Toby & Taylor help Granny pick vegetables and make soup.  But so MUCH soup – whatever will they do with it all? Continue reading Imagine That!