About Piney Mountain Press

Piney Mountain Press is owned and operated by Doug & Marie Bittinger and is located in the foot hills of the Great Smoky Mountains of east Tennessee.  Doug has been a freelance writer and author since the late 1970's. He has published through many venues and in many forms.  Marie has worked as a corporate writer and editor.

They opened Piney Mountain Press after Doug published his first two eBooks and discovered many aspiring authors who did not have the time or the desire to learn the process of formatting and submitting a manuscript to the various book producers.  They preferred to focus on their writing and let other professionals handle the technical stuff.  Doug & Marie decided to open Piney Mountain Press as a service to help those authors achieve publication.

There are many such services available already, but all of them charge such high fees (typically over $1000 just for eBook conversion, $6000 - $8000 is common for a "full publication package) that those services are outside the reach of most new authors.  Piney Mounttain Press was established as a means to help new authors achieve their dreams without putting them deeply into debt.

If you have a quality book manuscript that you'd like to have published as an eBook or a print book, or both but are on a budget, we are the publishing facilitation service for you.  Drop us an e-mail and tell us about your book.  We don't do porn or slander, or trashy make-money books.  But if you are a serious author, we'd be happy to help you make your book available to the reading public.