Let’s Save Lennon’s Leg

Lennon is a young Black Labrador who was picked up by Newport Animal Control.  At that time he was an emaciated 36 pounds!  Animal Control cared for him and eased him up to 52 pounds by the time Steele Away Home pulled him for rescue.

When we had him neutered, the mobile unit veterinarian noted that his gait was off and suspected a hip injury.  When he healed up, I took Lennon to Cedarwood Veterinary Hospital for an exam.

X-rays show that the head (ball) of his right femur is eroded and is wearing away the cartilage in his hip.  We suspect this injury to be the result of abuse: being kicked or hit with something hard enough to dislocate his hip.

Steele Away Home is raising funds to care for this lovable boys leg.  Our goal is to help him keep the leg through reconstruction surgery that will repair his hip joint.  This would be done by David T. Crouch DVM at Western Carolina Veterinary Surgery (http://www.wcvs.org).  He comes highly recommended by Cedarwood and one of Steele Away’s board members who has worked with Dr. Crouch before.

If you would like to help us save Lennon’s leg, please donate to the cause.  Our goal is: $3,000.00

Donations are gratefully accepted through:

All donations are used
for medical expenses.
Steele Away Home
is a 501(c)(3) organization

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