Foster Notes for March 17, 2019

The transport run that had been rescheduled to March 22nd was re-rescheduled back to Friday March 15th (last Friday), and Selma and Lucy were on board heading to Eleventh Hour Rescue.  Fare thee well, little Selma Lou!  Happy tails, Lucy!

It was eerily quiet here that evening.


Lenny is my sole foster dog at the moment and He got to spend the night in the People house last night.  He did really well.  I brought him inside a little before 9:00 and he slept through the night.  This morning I got up at 4:30 to make coffee and start my day.  Lennon’s crate is in the den (where I spend my early mornings) and he is happily chomping on a Bacon Benebone.

Marie and I have both noticed that Lennon does not look to be as lame as he was:

In fact he doesn’t appear lame at all!

I have been giving him a Glucosamine Chondroitan/MSM/Turmeric supplement each day.  That was supposed to reduce inflammation, reduce pain, and promote healing.  Maybe that has worked.  He is due to see his surgeon April 1st.  Perhaps that will become a fool’s errand and the doctor will pronounce him well.  At least well enough that putting him through hip surgery is unwarranted.



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