Callie Steele

Callie has been through a rough time but is as sweet as can be. Abandoned by her original family, rescued by a kind-hearted soul, then brought to the Humane Society of Jefferson County (now C.A.R.E.), Callie quickly became a staff favorite. Testing positive for heartworms can be a death sentence for a shelter dog. But this was not to be the case for Callie: the shelter staff made magic happen for her. For the full story, read What We Know About Callie

Last updated: Sept 2, 2018

Base Info:

  • Date of arrival: December 29th, 2017
  • Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 7 years
  • Weight: 65 pounds
  • Spay/Neutered: Yes
  • General Health: Good except for being heartworm positive. Treatment for that is why she’s here at Piney Mountain Foster. That’s our specialty.
  • Temperament: Extra sweet, gentle, and loving. A great sense of humor!


Originally a family dog, abandoned, cared for by a neighbor until he died, then brought to the county shelter, where she tested positive for heartworm: : treatment is expensive and requires a calm environment and close supervision, which are not available in most shelters. But she was worth saving, so funds were raised and she came here for treatment.

Known Issues & Progress

Callie has obviously littered several times. For all she’s been through, her temperament is surprisingly gentle and trusting.

Callie is heartworm positive, but the test was just slightly positive. We hoped to use a slow-kill method of treatment that will be less risky for an older dog. After seven months of treatment she is still testing positive. Slow kill *can* take up to two YEARS to clear a dog of heartworms. No one wants her to wait that long to find a forever home, so we’re starting the regular heartworm treatment process.

Callie was scheduled to begin Immiticide treatments August 9th, 2018. I took her in and Cedarwood performed the standard blood tests prior to shaving her back and performing the first injection. Callie tested NEGATIVE! Treatment process aborted. We will keep her on the preventatives, and she will avoid The Hard Way.


Both former care-givers say she is already reliably housebroken. We too find this to be the case. No work to do here!

Gets Along With Other Dogs

Yes. She has already met all my dogs, large and small, and she has no trouble with any of them. Even Ricky (who barked menacingly at her when she arrived) has decided she’s a sweetheart and wants to play. Callie never returned menace for menace, generally just retreated and hid.

In the months since Callie arrived she has engaged in play: mostly with Josephine but sometimes with other fosters. She and Josie get pretty rough sometimes, but Josie instigates that. There have been one or two dogs that Callie did not like, but she would just avoid them.

People Skills

Callie is exceptionally loving, trusting, and affectionate. She likes to snuggle. She’s great with adults and kids. She desperately wants to be with people who will return her love.

A former caretaker’s daughter went to stay with her friend all weekend. When she came home Callie couldn’t stop loving on her and wagging that tail.

For the first couple of weeks, Callie was my shadow. She went everywhere I went: and ONLY where I went. Even when she needed to go outside to relieve herself, she would not leave the porch unless I went out to the yard with her. This was uncomfortable at 2:00 in the morning with me in just my PJs and 20 some-odd degree temps outside. In the last few days she has become comfortable enough to consider herself part of the “gang” and has been running outside with the other dogs, leaving me in the house. She no longer follows me everywhere, including the bathroom, but she does like to know exactly where I am at all times.


I have found Callie to be quite bright and eager to please, that makes her easy to train. She has learned our daily routine, and a few commands.

Yesterday I had Callie in the play yard. It was cold. The leash I use to move her from the bunk house to the play yard was looped in one hand as I watched her. When she had taken care of business and wanted to go back where it is warm, she walked up and slipped her head through the loop of the leash and looked up at me, “I’m ready to go in now. May we please go?” What a sweetie! She has since graduated to House Dog.

Callie became a Steele Away Home dog on January 20th because we were concerned about the length of time it was taking to get her treatment started. Slow kill is safe to do only if you catch it early. Julie at H.S.J.C. agreed and transferred her to us.


In roughly chronological order, newest at the bottom. Click the thumbnails to enlarge. Some pictures are inked to Doggy Tales about Callie, click those to open the related story.

Callie’s original home: a window well!

Callie says, I LIKE this chair! Taken at a former home.

All snuggled in! Taken at a former home.

The Girls all go on a potty run together. Callie sports her new outer wear that helps ward off the cold.

Callie wants to help edit the video I’m working on.

But she can be bribed with sufficient amounts of cush.

There is a story to go with this: click da pic to read it.

Callie joins the “Around the table gang”

Looking MIGHTY comfortable now!

Callie earns bedroom sleeping privileges.

Yummm … may I have some of THAT?

Oops, BUSTED! No dogs on the sofa, and she knows it. But who could be angry with this face?

Callie and her friend Buddy are ardent sun worshipers.

Callie: Sun Puppy

Callie says, “Ears up girls.” Blondie says, “Okay.” Josie says,”Hey, no fair!”

Weasel Hunter!
(click me video)

“In the Mood” to play (and dance) Video

Who — me? NO, I wasn’t wrestling with this blanket.

Josephine wants to snuggle with Callie.

Callie sitting silly to relax after dinner.

Callie is now a regular rider on trash runs.

“Noooo, don’t stop. I want to ride some MORE!”

Callie makes a new friend at Lowe’s

Looking pretty in her new pink winter coat

Josie is my friend

Belted in and ready to ride

This is a good seat too

With Pascal Robin and Ashley Foster, two of her rescuers.

“Partying with my posse at C.A.R.E.

Napping with The Gang (vid)

Callie defends Josephine from a rambunctious Bear

Callie To the Rescue!

Chillin with Josie in the cabin

Rub my belly!

I love my new ropey toy!

Callie and Rainy peaceably share space at treat time.

Tell me a bedtime story?

I ask, “Who wants to go outside with me”? (vid)

Callie loves her new ropey toy (vid)

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